More Answers Needed from ITD

Joann Muneta, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 1/19/13

Recent letters to the editor about the Idaho Transportation Department’s (ITD) proposed rerouting of U.S. Highway 95 have been highly disappointing.

It is unfair and misleading to blame those interested in our environment for errors and omissions made by ITD.  No one in our community advocated waiting ten years to reconsider the highway issue.  Let’s acknowledge that everyone has now, and has had, safety as a primary concern.

Step one is to find out if E-2 is indeed safer, given the higher elevation of that route, which can lead to more ice, snow, and fog.  Other ITD claims for choosing E-2 don’t seem to be reasonable – such as saying E-2 is better because it is shorter, when there is only .09 of a mile difference between the C-3 and E-2 routes.

After safety, it is necessary to consider other issues, including the integrity of Paradise Ridge, one of Moscow’s treasured landmarks, as well as the well-being of the irreplaceable native Palouse Prairie and local flora and fauna.  Ten years ago, I attended every public meeting, focus group, and monthly breakfast meeting held by ITD on this subject. Continue reading