Silicon Smelter Hearings, Sandpoint WIRT Meeting, ACLU Activist Academy

September 18-20: Newport Silicon Smelter Hearings

The Washington Department of Ecology is conducting a September 11 to October 26 environmental review of the PacWest Silicon smelter proposed for 180 acres near Newport, on the Washington-Idaho border [1-3].  The facility would produce up to 73,000 tons of silicon metal each year, from B.C. quartz rock heated to extremely high temperatures with wood chips, coal, and charcoal.  The Ecology Department is seeking public input on the scope of its environmental impact study and statement (EIS), analyzing potential project effects and options for protection of the natural environment and nearby communities, including air and water quality, plant and animal habitat, cultural resources, and regional transportation.

The state agency will provide its subsequent, draft EIS for public review and comment next summer, followed by a final, impartial, comprehensive EIS in late 2019, for decision-makers and the public to evaluate PacWest Silicon’s permit applications.  Various organizations have compiled information to assist public and expert testimony asking that the department address the widest possible range of concerns in its EIS [4-6].  The public can examine proposal information, request comment period extension to 90 days, and offer scoping comments in-person at four public meetings and/or online:

* Tuesday, September 18, 6 to 9 pm, Spokane Convention Center, 334 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard, Spokane, Washington

* Wednesday, September 19, 6 to 9 pm, Newport High School, 1400 Fifth Street, Newport, Washington

* Thursday, September 20, 6 to 9 pm, Priest River Event Center, 5399 U.S. Highway 2, Priest River, Idaho

* Thursday, September 27, 3 pm, online webinar

September 19: Monthly Sandpoint WIRT Meeting

Invite your friends and families, and join the regional, climate activist community, #No2ndBridge group members, and Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) organizers for the September, third-Wednesday, monthly, WIRT gathering at the Gardenia Center, 400 Church Street in Sandpoint, Idaho, at 7 pm on Wednesday, September 19.  Action planning will discuss #No2ndBridge information and public records research, petition, coal collection, benefit concert, and crowdfunding, in support of the WIRT lawsuit opposing the state permit for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) bridge expansion, facilitating fossil fuels and hazmat pipelines-on-wheels across Lake Pend Oreille and Sand Creek. Continue reading


Wednesday, January 17, Monthly Sandpoint WIRT Meeting

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) and allies invite everyone to the first, 2018, Sandpoint, WIRT meeting, one of two gatherings held every month at 7 pm on the first Wednesday at The Attic, up the back stairs of 314 E. Second Street in Moscow, Idaho, and on the third Wednesday in Sandpoint, Idaho.  This Wednesday, January 17, we are converging at 7 pm in Eichardt’s Pub upstairs game room, 212 Cedar Street in Sandpoint [1].  Join regional, climate activists for an evening of food, beer and wine, and conversations creating campaign strategies and tactics for actions and events supporting the movement against extreme fossil fuels and for clean energy, livable communities, and especially climate justice.  Topics of discussion may include updates, suggestions, and plans for:

* Resistance to new and expanded, Northwest coal, oil, gas, and tar sands leases, wells, processing plants, pipelines, megaloads, trains, rail bridges, terminals, and refineries, such as on-the-ground opposition to likely soon unbanned, Class II, oil and gas waste injection wells in Idaho, and to megaloads upgrading the Andeavor (Tesoro) Anacortes refinery

* Mobilization of Idaho residents for coordinated, peaceful protests, agency hearings, and public expression advancing anti-fossil fuels campaigns, such as a late-January, Sandpoint rally, like events in Spokane and Seattle on January 18, encouraging Washington Governor Inslee to reject the Vancouver Energy oil train terminal [2, 3]

* Enhancement of observing, monitoring, documenting, and reporting north Idaho, frontline, fossil fuel train traffic and the proposed, second, Lake Pend Oreille rail bridge site, via photos, videos, social media, and further, skill sharing sessions

* Organization of monthly, speaker and film presentations, community forums, educational workshops, and direct action trainings, all sharing activist knowledge, like the successful Olympia Stand and valve turner talks, Radical Movie Night screenings, and Third Panhandle Paddle kayaktivist weekend Continue reading

Late March & Early April Events

Climate Change in Idaho

Representative Ilana Rubel is hosting an open, public forum on current and future climate change conditions in Idaho, and what residents can do about them, on Wednesday, March 15, between 3:30 and 5:30 pm MDT, in the Lincoln Auditorium of the Idaho Capitol, 700 West Jefferson Street in Boise. Academic, government agency, and business leaders, who have directly experienced how a changing climate is affecting agriculture, forests, water cycles, recreation, and the economy of our state, will talk about work to solve these problems and ways you can make a difference.

Speakers include John Abatzoglou from the University of Idaho, Dr. Scott Lowe, Dr. Jen Pierce, and Dr. Kerrie Weppner from Boise State University, Bill Kaage of the National Park Service, Kevin King of the Idaho Clean Energy Alliance, high school student climate activists Jai Bansal and Ilah Hickman, and various members of faith communities. They will discuss the human causes and expected impacts of climate change, renewable energy, efficiency incentives, and other proposed solutions.

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) encourages you to share this event announcement and to attend this free, kid friendly hearing that Idahoans across the state can view via livestream and later archive, at the following, second link.

Climate Change in Idaho, March 3, 2017 Idaho Representative Ilana Rubel

Idaho in Session: Legislature Live (Lincoln Auditorium), 2017 Idaho Public Television

Treaty Rights in a Changing Environment

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment, Save Our Wild Salmon, and Earthjustice are hosting a two-day, tribal conference on treaty rights, featuring Earthjustice attorneys and other presenters, at the Red Lion Hotel, 621 21st Street in Lewiston, on Friday, March 17, from 9 am to 4 pm, and on Saturday, March 18, from 9 am to 3 pm. The conference aims to instill deeper understandings of treaty rights and the responsibilities of tribal and non-tribal people to respect, uphold, and act according to those rights.  It also intends to build relationships between tribal and environmental groups, to work better together on campaigns and movements exemplified by allied resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline degrading tribal lands and contaminating water, and by Nez Perce efforts to remove four lower Snake River dams and thus recover and restore native, wild salmon populations, treaty fishing rights, and associated traditional and cultural practices.

Conference organizers will provide breakfast and lunch for all attendees, and ask that non-tribal participants consider offering a $50 donation to help cover event costs. Please register in advance at the second, following link, and contribute toward event expenses if you can.

Treaty Rights in a Changing Environment, February 10, 2017 Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment

Treaty Rights in a Changing Environment Registration, February 10, 2017 Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment

TWO! Sixth Annual Celebrations of WIRT Continue reading

Winter Solstice Celebration & WIRT Monthly Meeting


Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) and allies invite everyone to a winter solstice celebration and the December Sandpoint WIRT meeting, one of two gatherings held every month on the first Wednesday in Moscow and on the third Wednesday in Sandpoint.  On the December 21 solstice, we are converging at 7 pm in Eichardt’s Pub upstairs game room, 212 Cedar Street in Sandpoint.  Join regional climate activists on the first evening of the solar new year for food, beer and wine, and conversations creating campaign strategies and tactics for actions and events supporting the movement against extreme fossil fuels and for clean energy, livable communities, and especially climate justice.

Topics of discussion may include updates, plans, and suggestions for:

* Regional resistance to coal, oil, gas, and tar sands leases, wells, processing plants, pipelines, trains, terminals, and refineries* Ongoing WIRT and allied mobilization of Idaho residents for coordinated, peaceful protests and agency hearings advancing anti-fossil fuels campaigns

* Statewide, January protests of Wells Fargo and US Bank funding of the Dakota Access pipeline, co-hosted with 350Sandpoint and Idaho and Spokane partner groups, in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux, indigenous, and allied pipeline opposition

* Ongoing, monthly, guest presentations and forums, like the successful Olympia Stand and valve turner talks, including a January or February Bringing NoDAPL Home Forum with Idaho and Spokane water protectors

* Local training workshops (ideally a spring, weekend, Idaho Panhandle, direct action and kayaktivism camp) and educational events sharing activist knowledge Continue reading

Upcoming WIRT November Events


Upcoming WIRT November Events

Thanks to Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists, allies, and friends for your patience during a November that opened opportunities for a long-overdue, month-long, event-free break, especially from the rigors of side-job wage slavery. With more time and energy for activism emerging from this healing phase, we plan to soon re-establish a regular WIRT email newsletter and to post WIRT radio program recordings, both drawn from our active facebook page.  Please support ongoing WIRT and allied mobilization of regional residents for coordinated, region-wide actions and agency hearings and comment periods, confronting Northwest coal, oil, gas, and tar sands facility and transportation projects.  Look for upcoming announcements throughout autumn and winter 2016-17 about participatory events including educational presentations, direct action training workshops, peaceful protests, and benefit concerts that advance our shared anti-fossil fuel/climate change campaigns.

Tuesday, November 29: Comment against the Millennium Bulk (Coal) Terminals

During this last opportunity for public input on Millennium Bulk Terminals, please comment on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) draft environmental impact statement (EIS) and a dredging permit application for the Longview, Washington coal export facility proposed by Lighthouse Resources [1-3]. Before the public comment period ends on Tuesday, November 29, urge the Corps to oppose construction and operation of the largest coal export terminal in North America, and to protect public health and natural resources, by supporting the “no action” alternative of the draft EIS and rejecting the permit application.  Millennium’s eight additional, fully loaded, unit coal trains per day and the coal transfer and storage site, annually handling up to 44 million metric tons of coal, would harm the health and safety, air and water quality, and natural resources of communities throughout the Northwest.

As the draft EIS describes, Millennium would receive coal via trains from western U.S. mines and transfer it to Asia-bound, ocean-going vessels, at the 190-acre, leased site of the former Reynolds Aluminum smelter. Its facilities would include an operating rail track and unloading station, a coal stockpile area and eight-track rail loop for storage, a conveyor and two independent ship loaders, and two new docks to berth Panamax-class vessels.  Because Lighthouse Resources seeks to dredge up to 48 acres out to the Columbia River navigation channel, the company has applied for a permit under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act.

Between April 29 and June 13, 2016, most of the 250,000 commenters on a separate Millennium draft EIS, issued by the Washington Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County, opposed this coal export facility [4]. But the Corps granted the proposal a favorable review in its federal draft EIS released on September 30.  In its 3,000-plus-page document, the agency described potential project damages to air, water, fish, wildlife, and communities, including more train traffic congestion, elevated railroad noise levels, and increased wait times at rail crossings, especially in low-income and minority communities.  The Corps held only two public hearings on its draft EIS, on October 24 in Longview, Washington, and on October 25 in Ridgefield, Washington, “to provide the public an opportunity to share its views and opinions” on this last of six proposed coal export terminals in Oregon and Washington [5, 6].  It did not offer hearings beyond the Longview/Vancouver/Portland area for citizens of Montana, Idaho, and eastern Washington, and no one coordinated testifier buses from these areas to the southwest Washington hearings.

An increase in coal trains across the Idaho panhandle would not only pollute our waters, lands, and bodies with coal dust and diesel fumes, it could also take human and non-human lives. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, Idahoans experienced 21 accidents between vehicles and trains at public and private rail crossings of all railroads in the state between August 2015 and July 2016.  In the northernmost Idaho counties, four incidents without injuries or deaths occurred at one private and three public crossings in Boundary and Kootenai counties.  Two people died at private and public crossings in Bonner County during the last year-plus.

Please join us in working together to stop Millennium Bulk Terminals, by convincing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to NOT approve project dredging, construction, and operation. Send your comments on the Corps draft EIS to, and your remarks on the dredging permit application, referencing NWS-2010-1225, by e-mail to  The Corps will review and consider all comments offered during the public input period.

Wednesday, November 30: Energy Crossroads: A Community Forum

Please attend a forum emceed by Laura Ackerman of The Lands Council, to together learn about, envision, and share the current revolution that is winning a just and equitable shift to a clean energy economy [7]. Speakers include KC Golden of Climate Solutions, Evita Krislock of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, and Gavin Tenold of Pura Vida High Performance Builders.  The Lands Council, Climate Solutions, and Gonzaga Environmental Law and Land Use Clinic are co-sponsoring this event, and WIRT and a dozen other Washington and Idaho groups are co-hosting it.  Join us at 7 pm on Wednesday, November 30, in the Gonzaga Moot Law Court at the Gonzaga University School of Law, 721 North Cincinnati Street in Spokane, Washington.

Mass mobilization against unnecessarily expanded development, transportation, and dependence on coal, oil, and other fossil fuels in Northwest communities has increased opposition to their unacceptably devastating local and global impacts. Cleaner, local, and more efficient energy options, like solar and wind power and electric vehicles, have simultaneously improved in their availability, use, and price.  This crossroads is increasing investments in healthier, stronger, and better communities, resources, democracies, and jobs, all building a brighter, more viable future for all.  Thanks! Continue reading

WIRT Office Gathering & Totem Pole/Kayak Event

As a reminder of Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) and allied events in August 2016, we invite you and your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to:

The WIRT Sandpoint Office Open House at 7 pm on Wednesday evening, August 17, at 301 North First Avenue, Suite 209B (above Finan McDonald’s), in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Please bring your ideas and energies for ongoing and upcoming climate activism in the interior Northwest, enjoy refreshments and camaraderie, and plan for the…

Totem Poles and Kayaks against Fossil Fuels event on Sunday morning, August 28, at City Beach Park, 102 Bridge Street in Sandpoint, Idaho.  The welcoming and blessing ceremonies of the Fourth Totem Pole Journey of the Lummi Nation House of Tears Carvers, co-hosted by the City of Sandpoint, Idaho Conservation League, and Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper, commence at 9 am with tribal, nongovernmental organization, and city speakers.  The recently combined Second Panhandle Paddle action, organized by Wild Idaho Rising Tide and allies, follows at 11 am with music and an on- and off-shore rally against Northwest fossil fuel transports and terminals, launching a kayaktivist flotilla around the Lake Pend Oreille rail bridge from City Beach Park.

Please view and profusely print and post the attached, color, letter-sized Totem Poles & Kayaks Against Fossil Fuels Flyer, while we provide more information about these opportunities during the next few days on the WIRT website and facebook pages.  Thanks for your relentless activism!

WIRT & Allied Summer Events

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) recently updated the WIRT Events Calendar, posting dozens of summer, climate and indigenous activism events on the WIRT website [1].  Please visit this page often for links to further information and descriptions of upcoming events involving you in grassroots resistance to the root causes of climate change.  We will soon announce plans discussed with allies for the Stop Oil Trains in Idaho Week of Action, including a Skyped train monitoring workshop and demonstrations against Northwest oil trains and terminals.

During this summer 2016 season, we are advancing ongoing WIRT and allied mobilization of regional residents for coordinated, region-wide actions and agency hearings on Northwest coal, oil, gas, and tar sands leases, wells, processing plants, refineries, terminals, and trains.  We are grateful to provide trainspotting and kayaktivist trainings, direct action workshops, educational presentations, peaceful protests, informal convergences, and other activities that expand the Northwest movement against extreme energy and for a livable future.

Please participate in WIRT’s twice-monthly potluck/pub meetings at 7 pm every first Wednesday at The Attic, up the back stairs of 314 E. Second Street in Moscow, Idaho, and at 7 pm every third Wednesday at Eichardt’s Pub upstairs game room, 212 Cedar Street in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Call 208-301-8039 for agendas, carpools, and directions for these gatherings and other events across the region.

To keep WIRT activists informed about anti-fossil fuel campaigns, we host the weekly Climate Justice Forum radio program on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm Pacific time, live at 90.3 FM and online [2, 3].  The show covers continent-wide climate and indigenous activism and community opposition to dirty energy projects, thanks to the generous, anonymous listener who adopted program host Helen Yost as her KRFP DJ.

Opportunities for your creative resistance to climate change perpetrators call for your participation: Continue reading

Comments Due June 13 on Last, Largest Coal Terminal

With the May 9 victory of the Lummi Nation over the proposed Gateway Pacific coal export terminal at Cherry Point, Washington, the Millennium Bulk Terminals coal port in Longview, Washington, 460 miles from Sandpoint, Idaho, could become the largest such facility in North America. Please speak out against the many direct impacts that its eight additional, fully-loaded, daily coal trains would impose on Idaho public and environmental health, by sending your written comments to Washington officials before the 11:59 pm PDT June 13 deadline.  Reference the attached Power Past Coal Millennium Bulk Terminals DEIS Talking Points and the previous Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) action alert [1].

Thanks to ongoing, inspiring work by a diverse spectrum of grassroots climate activists to mainstream environmental groups, thousands of regional residents participated and testified at three public hearings on the draft environmental impact statement for this last of six proposed coal export terminals in the Northwest [2, 3]. Three cheers for the dozens of die-hard, anti-coal organizers from across Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, who coordinated participation and arranged carpools for these hopefully historically last public hearings and rallies against Northwest coal trains and ports.

Community members including WIRT representatives attended a 4 pm rally and expressed valid concerns about fossil fuel impacts through their testimony between 1 and 9 pm at the Thursday, May 26 hearing at the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, Washington [4]. Bravo to Jacob Johns and other event participants from Spokane and northern Idaho, who blasted the basics of the folly of approving, permitting, building, and operating the Millennium carbon bomb [5]!  We enjoyed sharing the adventure of fossil fuel resistance with co-workers and friends in Spokane, during and after the public proceedings, especially while learning that Arch Coal withdrew its interest in this coal port project [6]:

“The second largest coal company in America and last big name in the coal export game…handed over its 38 percent share in the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals in Longview, Washington, to the project’s last remaining supporter, Lighthouse Resources – a company that used to be called Ambre Energy North America…Arch itself declared bankruptcy in January…Given the dismal outlook for coal exports, the bankrupt company simply couldn’t bear the ongoing cost of keeping the project alive…Arch’s exit leaves precisely one player in the coal export game in Washington and Oregon: Lighthouse Resources, which now stands as the only backer of Millennium and which also hopes to resuscitate its nearly-defunct Morrow Pacific project in Oregon. Lighthouse owns a pair of struggling coal mines, one in Wyoming and the other in Montana, and its entire business model hinges on exporting coal into seaborne markets that are now badly oversupplied with cheap coal.” Continue reading

Are You Participating in Break Free in Anacortes & Spokane?

Over the last few months, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists and allies have been working diligently at online education through various channels and on interpersonal outreach at dozens of regional events*, to mobilize hundreds of inland Northwest residents to participate in the Break Free from Fossil Fuels mass action in Anacortes, Washington, on May 13 to 15. After contributing copious amounts of time, energy, and funds to reach out to you and request your participation, and to contact about 60 people from Idaho and eastern Washington signed up through the Break Free Pacific Northwest website, we hope to hear from you: Are you training and traveling to Anacortes?

WIRT is forming carpools and ride shares or possibly renting a van and caravanning with activists from Montana, Idaho, and eastern Washington who plan to put their bodies in the way of the government-assisted fossil fuel industry, by non-violently protesting and/or risking arrest. Please RSVP about your travel arrangements if you have not already responded, and catch these associated, upcoming events in Spokane:

May 7: Inland NW Break Free Planning & Training Workshop

After workshops in Moscow on Tuesday evening and in Sandpoint on Wednesday evening, WIRT is holding the third Inland Northwest Break Free logistics planning and direct action training session at 4 pm on Saturday, May 7, at the Liberty Park United Methodist Church, 1526 East Eleventh Avenue in Spokane, Washington. Encouraging local empowerment and resulting strong, urgent actions against volatile oil trains, dirty coal cars, and explosive natural gas facilities, these free workshops offer guidance on:

Personal grounding for direct actions

Transportation and lodging options

Knowing your rights

Possible legal consequences of protests

Action roles and tactics

Action planning and practice

We welcome your friends and families at these gatherings providing workshop materials, snacks, and beverages. Please forward this event announcement to your comrades and invite them to support this historic protest by attending this well-anticipated workshop and the thousands-strong Break Free action in mid-May.  For further information and to discuss these opportunities, please call, text, email, or facebook message WIRT through the enclosed contact channels.

May 12: Not Your Average Climate Rally

Activists of the Spokane community and Occupy movement are hosting a parody party of a climate rally at the intersection of North Division Street and East Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Spokane, Washington, next Thursday, May 12, from 12 noon to 1 pm. As Break Free Northwest participants converge from Montana, Idaho, and eastern Washington, to head to the Anacortes area fossil fuel resistance actions, Spokane friends are staging a fun and supportive send-off celebration with music, speakers, poetry, drumming, and dancing.  Please bring your voice, guitar or other instruments, drums, and props of solar panels, wind turbines, etc. and join us! Continue reading

Regional Earth Week Events: Help WIRT with Outreach!


Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists are participating in several events this week, for which we are still seeking volunteers: Please join us!

Wednesday, April 20, 11 am – 3 pm:

Bike Fix & Sustainability Showcase

The University of Idaho (UI) Sustainability Center in Moscow, Idaho, is hosting Earth Fest 2016 events this week [1]. At the Spring 2016 Bike Fix and Sustainability Showcase, participants can receive free tune-ups and advice about their bicycles, while they learn about local cycling opportunities and campus and community organizations making a difference.  Meet us at the WIRT table on the UI Commons Plaza outside Einstein’s Coffee, to set-up early at 10:30 am, to distribute information and obtain pledges for the Break Free Northwest mass action in Anacortes in mid-May [2], to answer questions about WIRT campaigns, activities, and opportunities, and to interact with the university community.  WIRT will bring all of the necessary display and information supplies, to assist volunteers in successfully accommodating on-site visitors and closing by 4 pm.  Contact WIRT to pitch in!

[1] Love Your Earth: Earth Fest 2016, University of Idaho Sustainability Center

[2] Break Free: PNW, Break Free Pacific Northwest

Wednesday, April 20, 1:30 pm:

Praxis Interview of Ken Ward on Climate Justice Forum

The Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Climate Justice Forum radio program hosted by Wild Idaho Rising Tide gratefully shares an April 18 on-air interview of Climate Disobedience Center co-founder and Greenpeace USA deputy director Ken Ward, by Praxis radio show host Taylor Weech on KYRS Spokane [2].  Their conversation explores the use of direct action and civil disobedience to address catastrophic climate change, to tackle the growth machine killing our only home, and to remain human among these morally strenuous tasks.  Ken and Taylor discuss his 2013 blockade of a coal barge with a lobster boat and Jay O’Hara, other direct actions, and his April 23 Spokane presentation with Jackie Minchew, of the 2014 Delta 5 oil train blockaders, and Matt Fuller of the 2015 sHellNo! Arctic drilling protests.  Broadcast on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm PDT, live at 90.3 FM and online, the show covers continent-wide climate activism and community opposition to extreme energy projects, thanks to the generous, anonymous listener who adopted program host Helen Yost as her KRFP DJ.

[3] Praxis 173: Ken Ward, Climate Disobedience and Direct Action, Praxis Radio

Friday, April 22:

Washington State University 2016 Earth Day Fair

WIRT volunteers still needed! The Associated Students of Washington State University (ASWSU) Environmental Sustainability Alliance are providing great opportunities on Earth Day to show the many ways that the people of the Palouse are working to address environmental issues [4].  They cordially invite interested student and community organizations to join them at the 2016 Washington State University (WSU) Earth Day Fair on the Glenn Terrell Mall of the WSU Pullman campus, to promote sustainability and environmental awareness and involvement.  Celebrating Earth Day outdoors on Friday, April 22, the annual event from 10 am to 2:30 pm offers free stickers, t-shirts, water bottles, and other handouts and approximately 30 reserved tables for groups leading special service projects, handing out food, and teaching ways to become more eco-friendly.  Table set-up occurs between 8:30 and 10 am, and break-down from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.  The noon hour until 1 pm features an open mic for participants on the Todd Hall steps.

[4] WSU 2016 Earth Day Fair, ASWSU Environmental Sustainability Alliance Continue reading