900,000-Pound Megaload Moves 40 Miles, One Arrest

KRFP Radio Free Moscow interviews Ziggy, who attempted with a Umatilla tribal grandmother to block the Omega Morgan-hauled tar sands megaload departing the Port of Umatilla on Monday, December 2, before its permitted starting time of 8 pm.  Ziggy explains the circumstances of the protest, her arrest, and five other megaload resisting actions throughout the night at Hermiston, the Highway 395 bridge over Interstate 90, an interstate off-ramp, in Pendleton, and at the final megaload parking spot.  Excerpts of a Climate Justice Forum interview with Leonard Higgins describe his and fellow arrestee Scott Schroder’s preparation, experiences, and resulting success in stopping the megload from leaving the port by personally locking to it.  Listen to both conversations between 21:23 and 7:12 of the Tuesday, December 3, 2013 KRFP Evening Report, Idaho Health Care.

Interview with Nez Perce Woman Who Temporarily Halted Load Almost Big Enough to Qualify as Megaload on Reservation

Liquid full absorber on Highway 12 through Kamiah

Nez Perce tribal activist Judy Oatman talks about her solo vehicle blockade of an oversized, Vietnam-made liquid full absorber traveling on Highway 12 during daylight hours on Monday, October 21, through an interview between 9:32 and 2:16 of the Tuesday, October 22, KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Big Load on Res.

General Electric Apparently Splitting Stranded Tar Sands Evaporator to Send Parts up U.S. 95

Likely General Electric tar sands wastewater evaporator travels through Moscow on October 15 (David Hall photo).

Descriptions of the apparently disassembled tar sands wastewater evaporator, stranded by a Highway 12 megaload lawsuit, accompany live Moscow protest recordings and contextual commentary, between 12:48 and 5:46 of the Wednesday, October 16, KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Megaload Likely Evaporator.

Idaho Rivers United Conservation Director Kevin Lewis Reacts to Positioning of Tar Sands Megaloads at Port of Wilma

Between 23:55 and 10:37 of the July 23, 2013, Evening Report, Idaho Rivers United, KRFP Radio Free Moscow interviews Idaho Rivers United Conservation Director Kevin Lewis about the possible implications of discrepancies between Forest Service authority and interim criteria to regulate megaload traffic through the Highway 12 wild and scenic river corridor and the arrival and push to move two Omega Morgan-hauled evaporators through the wildlands-surrounded route to Alberta tar sands mining operations.

Omega Morgan Megaloads Arrive at Port of Wilma, Prompting Talk of Showdown with Forest Service

KRFP Radio Free Moscow interviews Fighting Goliath organizer Borg Hendrickson between 22:53 and 7:03 of the July 22, 2013, Evening Report, Omega Morgan Loads at Wilma.  Borg talks about the plans, impacts, and possible accidents of megaload owners and transporters seeking to transform the Highway 12 wild and scenic river corridor into an industrial route for Alberta tar sands equipment, and the looming showdown between hauler Omega Morgan, the Idaho Transportation Department, and the Forest Service and Nez Perce Tribe, over evaporators offloaded at the Port of Wilma on Monday, July 22.

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Tells KRFP ITD & Omega Morgan are Writing Plan that May Allow Giant Tar Sands Megaloads on Highway 12

Between 16:36 and 4:59 of the July 17, 2013, Evening Report, Brazell on Megaloads, KRFP Radio Free Moscow interviews Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell about Omega Morgan-hauled evaporators that are seeking Idaho Transportation Department permits and Forest Service approval to move through the Highway 12 wild and scenic river corridor to Alberta tar sands operations.  Brazell describes a proposed study of the intrinsic values of the corridor and the protocol for considering megaload approval based on interim Forest Service criteria and Nez Perce Tribe consultation.

WIRT Confronts Idaho Department of Lands Director over Payette County Fracking

Between 11:55 and 10:13 of the June 10, 2013, Evening Report, Minimum Wage, KRFP Radio Free Moscow covers part of the conversation between Idaho Department of Lands director Tom Schultz and Wild Idaho Rising Tide activists, at the Strop the Frack Attack, Idaho! demonstration outside IDL offices in Boise on June 7.  Protesters insisted that the state agency implement baseline surface and ground water testing before further oil and gas drilling or impending first fracking commences in Idaho.

Fracking Coming to Idaho, Plan to Drill near the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s Payette River Wildlife Management Area

Between 21:46 and 9:45 of the June 4, 2013, Evening Report, Payette County Fracking, KRFP Radio Free Moscow features a detailed summary of breaking news and an extensive interview with Alma Hasse of Idaho Residents Against Gas Extraction, about impending fracking in Idaho and drilling on Birding Island near and potentially under the Payette River and a state wildlife refuge.

Flashpoints Interview of Helen Yost

Helen Yost of Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) talked with nationally broadcast Flashpoints radio program host Dennis Bernstein during a recorded interview, aired between 21:52 and 33:07 of the Monday evening, April 1, 2013, Flashpoints show.  Helen discussed megaload and tar sands operations and their impacts on the places and people of Canada and Idaho, expressing gratitude for KRFP Radio Free Moscow and promoting WIRT’s radio program, the Climate Justice Forum, website and facebook pages, and upcoming events.

Flashpoints Interview of Alma Hasse & Helen Yost

Alma Hasse of Idaho Residents Against Gas Extraction and Helen Yost of Wild Idaho Rising Tide talked with nationally broadcast radio program host Dennis Bernstein between 0:56 and 20:38 of the Wednesday, October 17, edition of Flashpoints.  Alma and Helen discussed citizen resistance to looming first fracking in Idaho, to tar sands equipment transports in eastern Montana and north central Idaho, and to national energy policies and debates.