Climate Justice Forum: Joann Muneta & Shane Stancik

On the Monday, April 30, Climate Justice Forum radio program hosted by Wild Idaho Rising Tide, Joann Muneta will describe the recent evolution and resulting situation of Moscow Farmers Market non-profit tabling policies.  Shane Stancik of the Silver Valley Community Resource Center in Kellogg, Idaho, will talk about tomorrow’s May Day protest against the Environmental Protection Agency’s deposit in a flooded Cataldo wetland of Superfund Site soils contaminated with lead and heavy metals.  We will also broadcast the entire April 15 Hanford Rally speech of nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott and discuss upcoming Rising Tide and Occupy protests in Spokane and Chicago.  Listen to KRFP Radio Free Moscow online or at 92.5 FM between 7:30 and 9 pm PDT and adopt WIRT as your KRFP DJ!

Award Well-Deserved

Jeanne McHale, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 4/27/12

Dan Carscallen wants everyone to know that the Mayor’s Earth Day award to megaload protesters was not his idea (Letters to the Editor, April 20).

Perhaps he is smarter than the climate scientists who decry mining the Alberta Tar Sands as the final act of irreversible, anthropogenic climate change.  Perhaps he doesn’t mind that indigenous people of northern Alberta are suffering from alarming rates of rare cancers and being robbed of their livelihood as fish and other wildlife are poisoned.

He bemoans the lack of respect given for drivers and flaggers who were “just earning a living.”  There were employees at Auschwitz who were just doing their jobs, too.  And he cites the need to have police “out in force” because “there was no telling what a protester might try.”  This statement implies that police were needed to prevent protesters from committing some unknown but apparently heinous act that Carscallen imagines us to be capable of. Continue reading

Disrespecting the Mayor

Jacki Vorhees, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 4/26/12

This is in reply to Dan Carscallen’s letter to the editor (Opinion, April 20).

Don’t worry, Carscallen, none of us in attendance would ever think you were for this award.  We saw the eye roll and the lack of respect you showed the mayor.  Your letter is just another chance to stick a pin in your Nancy Chaney doll.

What went on out there on the streets was no worse than what goes on before and after a Vandal football game.  I know you were really hoping for those Molotov cocktails to be thrown, but sadly the group you saw accept the award — and was there every night the megaloads ran — had an average age of 50 and recognize those “just doing their job.” Continue reading

Climate Justice Forum: Allie Pfeiffer, Ellen Roskovich, & Jacki Vorhees 4-23-12

On the Monday, April 23, Climate Justice Forum radio program, Wild Idaho Rising Tide activists Allie Pfeiffer, Ellen Roskovich, and Jacki Vorhees will talk about dirty energy development impacts on Native Americans and rural residents in the Bakken oil shale fields in Montana and North Dakota and along the Northern Gateway pipeline in British Columbia. We will also discuss tar sands megaload traffic in Washington and protester awards and criticism in Idaho. Listen online or at 92.5 FM to KRFP Radio Free Moscow between 7:30 and 9:00 pm and adopt WIRT as your KRFP DJ!

Councilor a Bit Childish

Allie Pfeiffer, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 4/21/12

I just read Dan Carscallen’s letter to the editor this morning (Opinion, April 20), and while I was not surprised he felt the need to save his own skin, I thought he did it with rather poor form.

My first impression of his letter was not that he felt the need to present a dissenting opinion, but that he saw a golden opportunity to further his own agenda against Mayor Nancy Chaney.  If his sole desire was to express another opinion or “clear his name,” he could have done so without mentioning Chaney at all. Continue reading

Award Was All Mayor’s Idea

Dan Carscallen, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 4/20/12

When I discovered that Mayor Nancy Chaney was giving one of her annual Earth Day awards to the megaload protesters at Monday night’s council meeting, I was taken aback at her audacity and by her disregard toward the City Council and the Moscow Police Department, especially after the recent employee survey results.

I watched several “megaload protests” and was disappointed at the disrespect shown to not only our fine men and women in uniform but also the flaggers and drivers moving the equipment through town.  I’m sorry, but those folks are just earning a living, and in this day and age, any job is a good job.  If you have a problem with ExxonMobil, take it to ExxonMobil, don’t take it out on the hired help and for dang sure don’t take it out on the cops.

The cops weren’t out in force because the loads are coming through – they were out in force because there was no telling what some protester might try. Continue reading

WIRT Follows Port of Pasco Megaloads & Has Pre-Trial Hearing on Misdemeanors

On Sunday, April 15, two Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists monitored three ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil tar sands shipments from the Port of Pasco, Washington, to Idaho, noting their convoy vehicles, timing and fluctuating speeds, traffic delays and disruptions, and overpass bypass routes.  At a second pre-trial hearing on Tuesday, April 17, Helen Yost requested charges as lenient as the sentence of a megaload driver who hit a flagger-diverted vehicle on December 6, for her misdemeanors of throwing a foam board protest sign at the 415,000-pound, last Highway 95 megaload and air-kicking toward a Moscow police officer on March 6.  Her lawyer, Ben Onosko of the Northern Rockies Justice Center, will file a motion questioning the definition of a moving vehicle and has scheduled a September trial for both citations.  Listen between 9:48 and 2:34 of the April 17, 2012, KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Earth Day Awards, to learn more about both situations.

Megaload Protesters Receive Earth Day Award as Earth Protectors

Earth Day Award for Megaload Protestors on April 16, 2012

(Tom Hansen video clip of the following minutes)

Moscow City Council Meeting Minutes 4-16-12

At the April 16, 2012, Moscow City Council meeting, Mayor Nancy Chaney announced her annual Earth Day Award recipients: Colter’s Creek Winery, Doug Wasankari, Matt Dolkas, Moscow High School Environmental Club, Moscow CommUNITY Walk, Gail DeSantis, Palouse Land Trust, and Margaret and Maynard Fosberg. She also recognized the megaload protesters as Earth Protectors. Watch between 41:08 and 45:15 of the videotaped meeting for our mayor’s remarks and community members’ acceptance of the award.

For an audio news version, listen to Mayor Chaney Hands Out Earth Day Awards between 21:28 and 16:52 of the April 17, 2012, KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Earth Day Awards.

Corps Approves Dock Expansion

Next step is for Port of Lewiston officials to decide how to pay for project

A Port of Lewiston project cleared a significant hurdle Monday.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approved an application for a $2.9 million expansion of the port’s container dock.

“We have granted permission for them to proceed,” said Bruce Henrickson, a spokesman for the corps’ Walla Walla District.

The corps found the 150-foot addition to the 125-foot dock wouldn’t have a significant impact on the environment, but identified precautions to protect wildlife during construction, according to a news release from the corps. Continue reading

Dr. Helen Caldicott at April 15 Hanford Rally

For KRFP Radio Free Moscow, where Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) hosts the Climate Justice Forum radio program every Monday at 7:30 pm PDT, WIRT member Helen Yost interviewed legendary nuclear activist and physician Helen Caldicott in person at the A15 Hanford Rally: North America’s Fukushima? hosted by Occupy Portland and other resistance groups on Sunday, April 15.  Excerpts of the interview and Dr. Caldicott’s and another speech aired on the KRFP Monday, April 16, Evening Report, Palouse Earthworm, Hanford, between 20:49 and 6:48.  As the good doctor suggested, we intend to educate regional downwinders and our Congressional representatives about Hanford’s dangers.