Award Was All Mayor’s Idea

Dan Carscallen, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 4/20/12

When I discovered that Mayor Nancy Chaney was giving one of her annual Earth Day awards to the megaload protesters at Monday night’s council meeting, I was taken aback at her audacity and by her disregard toward the City Council and the Moscow Police Department, especially after the recent employee survey results.

I watched several “megaload protests” and was disappointed at the disrespect shown to not only our fine men and women in uniform but also the flaggers and drivers moving the equipment through town.  I’m sorry, but those folks are just earning a living, and in this day and age, any job is a good job.  If you have a problem with ExxonMobil, take it to ExxonMobil, don’t take it out on the hired help and for dang sure don’t take it out on the cops.

The cops weren’t out in force because the loads are coming through – they were out in force because there was no telling what some protester might try.

I’m sure these folks think they did some great thing by their actions at Third and Washington streets over the last several months, and it’s their right to protest.  But you don’t see anyone having to monitor the situation at the weekly peace protests at Friendship Square, nor were there any issues from the Occupy Moscow group that also met downtown.  Admittedly, there were several nights when loads came through without incident, but the protesters still flirted on the edge of legal assembly, and there were more than a few instances where they were being just plain unsafe.

I just want the residents of Moscow to know this was the mayor’s award, not the City Council’s.

(Editor’s note: Carscallen is president of the Moscow City Council.)


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