Seismic Testing Will Identify Natural Gas

Seismic testing will soon be conducted in the New Plymouth area as the next step to discovering and extracting natural gas in western Idaho.

Rod McLeod, a geologist from Gulf Coast Permit Services hired by Snake River Oil and Gas, which is currently collecting leases for mineral rights in the area, presented in front of the Payette County Commissioners Tuesday about his plans for testing for natural gas in the area.

In his presentation, McLeod said he plans to use a seismic test to make a “picture” of the Earth’s subsurface.  The test will be used to create a virtual 3D photo of what is underneath to show where natural gas is likely to be.

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(By Cherise Kaechele, The Argus Observer, Ontario, Oregon)

Spokane Solidarity Tar Sands Protest

On Wednesday, May 23, and Wednesday, May 30, another five megaloads of Earth-ravaging, energy-sucking, water-poisoning, climate-wrecking, life-killing Alberta tar sands processing parts will probably rumble through Spokane and Spokane Valley streets on their way to the largest industrial carbon extraction project in the world.  While most of America sleeps, satiated on its oil-derived opulence, obesity, and overpopulation, interior Northwest activists will take to the streets to express our outrage that our city, state, and federal governments facilitate First Nations genocide, boreal forest and wetland destruction, and global climate chaos through Big Oil’s abuse of our subsequently deteriorating roads and bridges.

Occupy Spokane and Wild Idaho Rising Tide invite you to your likely last opportunity (for now) to stand up to ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil, the Washington State Department of Transportation, the hauler Mammoet, and their contracted megaload convoys of industry-colluded state troopers, pilot truck drivers, and flaggers.  Whose streets and rights?  You know the 99 percent’s answer and what you must do to regain our democracy, public infrastructure, and civil liberties from corporations who value profits over people and the planet.

Meet fellow protesters to strategize and mobilize our resistance by 11:30 pm at the Occupy Spokane Clubhouse, 1808 East Sprague Avenue in Spokane, or for the demonstration at 11:30 pm at East Third Avenue and South Regal Street.  Moscow activists are carpooling from the corner of Second and Washington streets, near Moscow City Hall, at 9:30 pm.  Bring some or all of your friends, protest signs, strong voices, mic check chants, musical instruments, and ideas for actions.  The next seven generations of humans and Earth co-habitants are depending on you to stop the reckless expansion of Alberta tar sands operations.  The world is waiting and watching, Spokane!

Northwest Extraction Resistance Workshop

Northwest Extraction Resistance Workshop

Direct Action Training for Communities Confronting Coal, Fracking, & Tars Sands Projects

Production and transportation of carbon-dense, dirty energy fuels across the Northwest increasingly threaten the health of people, places, and the planet with their risky and toxic byproducts of polluted air, water, land, and policies.  Incoming Alberta tar sands megaloads and pipelines, expanding hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for natural gas, and outgoing coal trains bound for West Coast export crisscross our region, as they transform our continent into a resource colony for Asia and beyond.  Our governments consistently fail to defend us from the ravages of Big Oil, Gas, and Coal, as multinational corporations plunder our public resources, taxpayer coffers, and civil liberties in pursuit of their billions in profits.

Because conventional avenues for citizen recourse to corporate crooks and colluded public officials predictably succumb to industry influenced rules, laws, and elections, Northwesterners must challenge this corruption and confront the root causes of ecological and economic oppression and devastation in more creative and assertive ways.  On Friday and Saturday, June 8 and 9, Backbone Campaign and Wild Idaho Rising Tide enthusiastically invite you to push back the boundaries of your community’s resistance to industrial invasions, with new allies, tactics, skills, and strategies.  Direct action trainers Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky and Kim Marks of Portland Rising Tide and Bill Moyer of Backbone Campaign will offer you and your co-participants from throughout the four-state area the knowledge necessary to stand up to, stall, and stop the forces that are destabilizing our climate and destroying our democracy.

Workshop Location:

Salem Lutheran Church Youth Center

1428 West Broadway Avenue, Spokane, Washington Continue reading

Climate Justice Forum: Diane Messer 5-28-12

The Monday, May 28, Climate Justice Forum program hosted by Wild Idaho Rising Tide will feature Diane Messer of Maine, who will discuss the Enbridge plan to reverse oil flows in the Trailbreaker pipeline across the Northeast, to bring tar sands fuels to the Maine coast for export.  She will also address proposed construction of an energy and utility corridor across the state to Nova Scotia as well as court cases resulting from occupation of the Maine governor’s grounds.  Please adopt WIRT as your DJ, as we also cover other climate activism news between 7:30 and 9 pm PDT, live at 92.5 FM and online at KRFP Radio Free Moscow.

Tar Sands Megaloads Road Show of Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands

Friday, June 1, 7 pm: Kennewick, Washington

Kennewick Mid-Columbia Library, 1620 South Union Street

Tipping Point Kennewick Poster

Sunday, June 3, 7 pm: Spokane, Washington

The Magic Lantern Theatre, 25 West Main Avenue

Tipping Point Spokane Poster

Monday, June 4, 7 pm: Kellogg, Idaho

Cameron Mall, 120 West Cameron Avenue

Tipping Point Kellogg Poster

Sunday, June 10, 3 pm: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Pilgrim’s Market, 1316 N. Fourth Street

Tipping Point Coeur d’Alene Poster

Co-Sponsors: Wild Idaho Rising Tide (Moscow, Idaho), Occupy Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Washington), Occupy Spokane and Surviving the Future Film Group (Spokane, Washington), Silver Valley Community Resource Center (Coeur d’Alene and Kellogg, Idaho)

On Friday, June 1, through Sunday, June 10, community organizations in Idaho and Washington are co-hosting benefit screenings of the tar sands expose Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands in Kennewick and Spokane, Washington, and Coeur d’Alene and Kellogg, Idaho.  These regional premieres of the 90-minute documentary, produced for Canadian television audiences of The Nature of Things program, take viewers inside the David and Goliath struggle emerging within one of the most compelling environmental issues of our time: tar sands development near Fort McMurray, Alberta. Continue reading

KYRS Spokane Radio Interview of Justin Ellenbecker & Helen Yost

Most significant to our Spokane anti-megaload agitation, news director Gavin Dahl of KYRS Thin Air Community Radio in Spokane invited Justin Ellenbecker of Occupy Spokane and Helen Yost of WIRT to talk on the Friday morning drive-time May 25 Local News entitled Amazon Responds To Activist Pressure: “Helen Yost from Wild Idaho Rising Tide joins us by phone to explain the opposition to Alberta tar sands megaload shipments.  350,000-pound loads of processing equipment have been trucked through Spokane under the cover of darkness.  Climate activists are speaking out.”  Within the interview between 8:56 and 22:35, this broadcast also includes KRFP Radio Free Moscow coverage of the August 25-26 Moscow megaload passage and protest.

Mayor Chaney’s Response to Henry Johnston’s Complaint

Eloquently and perspicaciously as always, Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney defends her Earth Day award to the megaload protesters as Earth Protectors and elucidates their/her motivations and the tar sands megaloads’ impacts.  Thanks to Tom Hansen for extracting her City Council meeting response to Henry Johnston’s derogatory remarks at the May 7 session.

(Video provided by Tom Hansen)

Washington/Idaho Megaload Resistance

[NOTE: This press release and accompanying photos garnered public exposure of our frontline tar sands activism through three media outlets.  On May 22, lead Rising Tide organizer Scott Parkin posted our description of Spokane protests against ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil’s tar sands construction/transportation invasion of the Northwest as Tar Sands Megaload Fight Moves West to Spokane on the Rising Tide North America website and in the online newsletter It’s Getting Hot in Here: Dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement.  On the same day, when over 1000 visitors viewed their internet site, the Earth First! Newswire also ran our story about Occupy Spokane/WIRT’s May 20 demonstration.]

At about 11:30 pm on Sunday night, May 20, a dozen activists from Occupy Spokane and Wild Idaho Rising Tide converged in Spokane, Washington, to protest megaloads of oversized equipment bound for Alberta tar sands operations from the Port of Pasco.  ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil has been using Highway 395, Interstate 90, and city streets in Spokane and Spokane Valley since mid-October to transport road damaging shipments weighing up to 400,000 pounds and stretching over 200 feet long.  Diverted in Idaho from their originally intended Highway 12 route by court challenges and from their alternative Highway 95 path by Moscow area protests, these pieces of a tar sands/bitumen processing plant will expand Canadian carbon fuel extraction, American dependence on oil, and continental greenhouse gas emissions, while reaping hefty profits for one of the wealthiest corporations on Earth. Continue reading

Climate Justice Forum: Marty Cobenais 5-21-12

On the Monday, May 21, Climate Justice Forum radio program hosted by Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT), we welcome Marty Cobenais, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network in Minnesota, who organized an anti-megaloads workshop in Lewiston in February 2011.  He will speak about indigenous opposition to tar sands extraction and transportation ventures.  Please adopt WIRT as your DJ, as we also cover other climate activism news between 7:30 and 9 pm PDT, live at 92.5 FM and online at KRFP Radio Free Moscow.  Listen to an edited recording of the May 21 Climate Justice Forum at Radio4All.

Megaloads of Radical Road Trip Birthday Fun!

On Wednesday, May 16, the second to the last road-hogging convoy of Alberta tar sands equipment, state cops, pilot vehicles, and flaggers will likely rampage Spokane and Spokane Valley streets.  Although we cannot promise any dirty energy resister action against ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil until we hear from our Occupy Tri-Cities Port of Pasco scout around 7 or 8 pm, we do not want to miss this opportunity to kick some more Big Oil ass.  Our Occupy Spokane allies are enthusiastically taking to the streets, calling for our camaraderie, and even offering sleeping space in their clubhouse! Continue reading