Spokane Solidarity Tar Sands Protest

On Wednesday, May 23, and Wednesday, May 30, another five megaloads of Earth-ravaging, energy-sucking, water-poisoning, climate-wrecking, life-killing Alberta tar sands processing parts will probably rumble through Spokane and Spokane Valley streets on their way to the largest industrial carbon extraction project in the world.  While most of America sleeps, satiated on its oil-derived opulence, obesity, and overpopulation, interior Northwest activists will take to the streets to express our outrage that our city, state, and federal governments facilitate First Nations genocide, boreal forest and wetland destruction, and global climate chaos through Big Oil’s abuse of our subsequently deteriorating roads and bridges.

Occupy Spokane and Wild Idaho Rising Tide invite you to your likely last opportunity (for now) to stand up to ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil, the Washington State Department of Transportation, the hauler Mammoet, and their contracted megaload convoys of industry-colluded state troopers, pilot truck drivers, and flaggers.  Whose streets and rights?  You know the 99 percent’s answer and what you must do to regain our democracy, public infrastructure, and civil liberties from corporations who value profits over people and the planet.

Meet fellow protesters to strategize and mobilize our resistance by 11:30 pm at the Occupy Spokane Clubhouse, 1808 East Sprague Avenue in Spokane, or for the demonstration at 11:30 pm at East Third Avenue and South Regal Street.  Moscow activists are carpooling from the corner of Second and Washington streets, near Moscow City Hall, at 9:30 pm.  Bring some or all of your friends, protest signs, strong voices, mic check chants, musical instruments, and ideas for actions.  The next seven generations of humans and Earth co-habitants are depending on you to stop the reckless expansion of Alberta tar sands operations.  The world is waiting and watching, Spokane!

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