Megaloads of Radical Road Trip Birthday Fun!

On Wednesday, May 16, the second to the last road-hogging convoy of Alberta tar sands equipment, state cops, pilot vehicles, and flaggers will likely rampage Spokane and Spokane Valley streets.  Although we cannot promise any dirty energy resister action against ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil until we hear from our Occupy Tri-Cities Port of Pasco scout around 7 or 8 pm, we do not want to miss this opportunity to kick some more Big Oil ass.  Our Occupy Spokane allies are enthusiastically taking to the streets, calling for our camaraderie, and even offering sleeping space in their clubhouse!

So indulge or at least humor Helen a few more times, folks!  Today is one of her double-digit birthdays, and she is not going to let the megaloads slither through our region without one last…, well, you know the story.  Consider emulating Cass, Jim, Jeanne, and Pat on one of the concluding Moscow megaload nights or at least exercising your crosswalk rights like Lynn and Vince, Jeanne and Fritz, and our many other amazing co-activists.  If we do not participate in Spokane megaload protests SOON, before they end, we could be perceived as a bunch of NIMBYs who did not care so much for the planetary climate as for the integrity of their own city culture and state infrastructure.

We are all in this battle together to stop tar sands expansion, so let’s assist our Spokane comrades with the physical, frontlines solidarity that we so desperately implored of our colleagues across the nation.  We are meeting exactly where we left off in March, at Wanderers’ Tavern in Moscow (205 S. Washington Street, across from City Hall).  At 8 pm, we will start our climate activism/birthday celebration, talk with Spokane allies, and plot our tactics, as we await port reconnaissance reports.  If everything develops favorably, we will re-launch our regional anti-megaloads actions at 9:30 pm from the same location, with protest signs, strong voices, valiant friends, and scented spring breezes on an extraordinary road trip.  Come out and enjoy a wild and beautiful night!

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