Don’t Reward Lawbreakers

Betty Abbott, Troy

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 5/3/12

Exercising one’s constitutional rights is one thing.  Breaking the law is quite another.  Our laws are put in place for a reason.  Arrests were made because some laws were broken.  When is it OK to reward people for breaking our laws?  Bottom line: It’s not.

As a paid official, I think Mayor Nancy Chaney would have better things to do with taxpayers’ money than to reward people for breaking our laws (Opinion, April 18, 20).

I hope our young people are not led to believe this is an appropriate way to accomplish a goal.

Breaking the law should never be rewarded – no matter what your agenda.

No exceptions.

Ignoring the Obvious

Garrett Clevenger, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 5/3/12

In Moscow City Councilman Dan Carscallen’s April 20 letter to the editor, he states, “In this day and age, any job is a good job.”

That sentiment is what’s destroying so many things.  Does he really believe that any job is a good job?

Would Carscallen think that if his daughter came home and said, “I just got a job satisfying a growing demand.  I’m a stripper.”

I think many people struggle with their jobs because, while they may be making money, they feel their job is not a good job.

The real problem with his statement, though, is a person’s job justifies harm they may be doing. Continue reading