Ignoring the Obvious

Garrett Clevenger, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 5/3/12

In Moscow City Councilman Dan Carscallen’s April 20 letter to the editor, he states, “In this day and age, any job is a good job.”

That sentiment is what’s destroying so many things.  Does he really believe that any job is a good job?

Would Carscallen think that if his daughter came home and said, “I just got a job satisfying a growing demand.  I’m a stripper.”

I think many people struggle with their jobs because, while they may be making money, they feel their job is not a good job.

The real problem with his statement, though, is a person’s job justifies harm they may be doing.

More than 150 years ago, some had jobs in the slave trade.  Today, people have jobs that are just as harmful.

Jobs that cause harm are not good jobs.  The tar sands oil extraction project is horrendous.  The repercussions of destroying vast ecosystems and poisoning the planet is incalculably not good.

That wouldn’t happen, though, if people weren’t willing to take those jobs.

People who take jobs that facilitate that are guilty of harming society.  Moscow’s City Council is complicit in enabling this destruction.  Carscallen has shown where he lies.  He has no excuse to remain ignorant of the true cost of extracting oil.

It seems the job a person takes, which apparently can be just about anything these days, reflects the moral character of that person.

At some point, the moral action is standing up to what is bad.

Personal responsibility entails making sure how you make your money is not causing more harm than good.  If your money comes at the expense of others, it’s not a good job.

In order for society to become more sustainable, we need to squash the concept that any job is a good job.


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