Disrespecting the Mayor

Jacki Vorhees, Moscow

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News 4/26/12

This is in reply to Dan Carscallen’s letter to the editor (Opinion, April 20).

Don’t worry, Carscallen, none of us in attendance would ever think you were for this award.  We saw the eye roll and the lack of respect you showed the mayor.  Your letter is just another chance to stick a pin in your Nancy Chaney doll.

What went on out there on the streets was no worse than what goes on before and after a Vandal football game.  I know you were really hoping for those Molotov cocktails to be thrown, but sadly the group you saw accept the award — and was there every night the megaloads ran — had an average age of 50 and recognize those “just doing their job.”

Do you even know who was regularly out there?  Do you know there were moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, retired teachers, a retired pastor, and people who run businesses in our town?  Did you ever stop to talk and ask our thoughts on why we were out there?  And do you know that we stood for a multitude of others who couldn’t be there?

I don’t expect you to understand the thinking or feelings behind the protests, because I think you live in a very small world.  Your world does not appear to include people who think or feel differently than you do.


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