Senator Schmidt & Representative Ringo Give Legislative Preview on U.S. Highway 95 Alignment

Listen to Senator Schmidt and Representative Ringo Give Legislative Preview Part 3, aired by KRFP Radio Free Moscow between 18:58 and 9:35 of the Friday, January 4, 2013, Evening Report, Vendors Fee, to hear about Highway 95 rerouting issues and associated industrial transportation and port decisions addressed by the Idaho and federal transportation agencies and the Idaho Legislature in the upcoming 2013 session.

WIRT Newsletter: January WIRT Activities, Idle No More Movement, & Hanford Waste Decision

2013 Activists and Friends,

Congratulations and thanks, visionary and vanguard Wild Idaho Rising Tide activists and allies, for successfully confronting dirty energy exploits and heartily advancing community spirit and solutions to America’s most significant climate change challenges throughout 2012.  We earnestly and eagerly anticipate ongoing and emerging frontline resistance and resolutions, passionately shared with each of you during 2013!  Our shared thoughts and actions are priceless: “The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” ~Henry David Thoreau

The amazing activists who contribute their knowledge and skills to Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) have shared a plethora of information about dirty energy developments and resistance since our inception.  The approximately 400 pages of WIRT email newsletters circulated to about 500 Northwestern comrades over the last two years have attempted to share such wealth of input with you, to foster your understanding of the energy issues that our nation and region deliberates.  But such compilations require vast investments of attention, energy, and time and often impede our primary goal: climate activism.

Through people power, our collective and alliances aim to invoke rapid changes that challenge the sources and foster community resolution of the current climate crisis and halt the fossil-fuel generated pollution that compromises our shared air, lives, and planet.  So with the new year of light and calendars dawning, we anticipate more WIRT activism making the news and less passive observation of distant news.  Learning and acting on issues is our shared responsibility, not the obligation of a few leaders.  Please derive and contribute news from within and beyond our collective efforts on the WIRT facebook page but otherwise, after the next few newsletters to clear backlog, expect only information about our regional campaigns within these pages.


January 4, 5, & 12: Four-State Coal Export Strategy Sessions & Protests

Please note the following Spokane gathering schedule change and see the WIRT website post Four-State Coal Export Protests and Hearings for more information.  Join us at 7 pm on Friday evening, January 4, at The Attic, up the back stairs of 314 East Second Street in Moscow, and/or at NOON on Saturday, June 5, in Room 1A of the Spokane Public Library, 906 West Main Street in Spokane.  Carpools to Spokane depart the WIRT Activist House at 10 am on Saturday.

January 7: David Hall on the Climate Justice Forum Radio Program (website excerpted)

Montana Tribes Drive the Road to Sovereignty (August 13, 2001, High Country News)

January 9: Palouse Transition Meeting

At 5:30 pm on Wednesday, the full assemblage of local participants in this movement to establish post-fossil-fuel, sustainable practices in food, transportation, and energy production and use throughout the Palouse region will converge in the lower level room of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse, 420 East Second Street in Moscow.  Plenty of great ideas have arisen from discussions and meetings of the various working groups.  Attendees may watch a relatively brief YouTube video about the twelve steps of Transition Towns and continue explorations of healthier ways of life.

January 10 & 12: Washington State University & Winter Market Outreach

At two public events next week, Wild Idaho Rising Tide is seeking volunteers to engage our community with educational materials and opportunities for climate activism.  On Thursday, January 10, from 11 am until 1 pm, we will rally and recruit new student members and volunteers, while promoting our organization at the first Cougs Connect: Campus and Community Involvement Fair.  As community partners with Washington State University’s (WSU) Student Involvement and Center for Civic Engagement, two WIRT representatives will showcase and celebrate the wide variety of ways in which WSU students can participate in WIRT activities, at a free table (with free lunch!) in the CUB Senior Ballroom.  At this action-packed event, registered groups can offer presentations and win prizes for display tables judged as most informative, creative, or best overall.  During Winter Market on Saturday, January 12, we will host an information table on the 1912 Center Great Room balcony (412 East Third Street in Moscow), where we will also participate in ongoing markets between 10 am and 2 pm on February 9 and March 2.

Please contact us if you can assist with distributing WIRT brochures and donation envelopes and with requesting physical and fiscal support for our many initiatives, direct actions, outreach work, and collective costs, as we raise awareness, activism, and funds at these venues.  We will offer information and involvement in citizen resistance to the root causes of climate chaos, such as tar sands, coal export, and fracking schemes.  Visit our website, booths, and the WIRT Activist House during this winter season to generously contribute to our shared endeavors or purchase one of the few remaining commemorative, collectors’ item WIRT T-shirts from among the 40 off-white, large-size originals reserved for megaload protesters. Continue reading