Unflagged Highway 95 Pullover for Megaload Passage 12-21-11

On Winter Solstice, December 21, seven concerned citizens monitored the first movements of three ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil tar sands megaloads since one of them hit a private mini-van pulled over by flaggers along Highway 95 at the staging area just south of Moscow, Idaho, on December 6.  As two observers traveled south on the dark, narrow, rural highway toward Potlatch, an oncoming pilot car driver ordered us to pull over onto the road shoulder to let one of these two-lane-wide transports and its convoy approach and pass within a few feet of our vehicle.

Natural Gas Industry Seeks Local Support in Idaho

The natural gas industry claims that Idaho has unique geology that won't need intense fracking and describes its proposed drilling as similar to domestic water well drilling (Idaho Petroleum Council diagram).

BOISE, Idaho — When the Idaho Legislature meets in 2012, it will be asked to approve new regulations for the natural gas industry. Bridge Resources and now Snake River Oil and Gas believe there is a significant amount of natural gas in Idaho.

The natural gas industry in Idaho renewed efforts this month to gain support for drilling. It hopes to start drilling soon, once the state approves regulations and local governments give the go-ahead.

Read more and view a video of Governor Butch Otter, president of the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, responsible for recent administrative approval of the new Rules Governing Conservation of Crude Oil and Natural Gas in the State of Idaho:

Natural Gas Industry Seeks Local Support in Idaho

(By Boise State Public Radio/Idaho Public Television)