Feds Link Water Contamination to Fracking for the First Time

In a first, federal environment officials today scientifically linked underground water pollution with hydraulic fracturing, concluding that contaminants found in central Wyoming were likely caused by the gas drilling process.

The findings by the Environmental Protection Agency come partway through a separate national study by the agency to determine whether fracking presents a risk to water resources.

In the 121-page draft report released today, EPA officials said that the contamination near the town of Pavillion, Wyo., had most likely seeped up from gas wells and contained at least 10 compounds known to be used in frack fluids.

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Feds Link Water Contamination to Fracking for the First Time

(By Abrahm Lustgarten and Nicholas Kusnetz, ProPublica)

Megaload Accident (with photos)

A mega-load driver is to blame for an accident Tuesday night that damaged two vehicles.

LEWISTON, ID – Idaho State Police say just before 9:45 a Mammoet driver destined for Canada got confused in the staging area south of Moscow on U.S. 95. Instead of stopping, he continued through the area and hit a van that was stopped for the staging. The van was pushed into the vehicle behind it. No one was injured. ISP said the accident was caused only by driver error. It’s not yet been decided if the driver will be charged. The other two loads in the same convoy continued north.

View video with photos: Megaload Accident

(By Tracci Dial, KLEW TV)

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Megaloads Suspended after Accident

Driver leaves staging area, striking van with module

The Idaho Transportation Department has suspended further shipments of Imperial Oil refinery modules from the Port of Lewiston following a Tuesday night accident south of Moscow.

Three shipments that left the port Tuesday night were supposed to stop at a staging area on U.S. Highway 95 before traveling through Moscow in a convoy, but one driver attempted to leave the area before southbound traffic was released, said Capt. Lonnie Richardson with Idaho State Patrol Region 2 in Lewiston. The module itself struck a Chevy Astro causing severe damage and minor damage when it was pushed into the vehicle behind it. No one was injured, Richardson said. Continue reading

EPA Connects ‘Fracking’ to Water Contamination

For the first time, a government study has tied contamination in drinking water to an advanced drilling technique commonly known as “fracking.”

The Environmental Protection Agency released a draft study Thursday tying the technique, formally called hydraulic fracturing, to high levels of chemicals found in ground water in the small town of Pavillion, Wyoming.  EPA scientists found high levels of benzene, a known carcinogen, and synthetic glycol and alcohol, commonly found in hydraulic fracturing fluid.

Read/listen to more: EPA Connects ‘Fracking’ to Water Contamination

(By Elizabeth Shogren, National Public Radio)

Moscow Megaload Protests Dwindling

MOSCOW – Carrying her signature sign that reads “Stop Exxon Genocide,” 68-year-old Ellen Roskovich was first on the protest scene and one of the last to leave early Wednesday morning after three more megaloads destined for Canadian oil fields rolled through town.

Just a few months ago, Roskovich was among nearly 300 demonstrators who tried to curtail the twice-weekly parades of oversize infrastructure equipment.ith her sign this week, Roskovich was among nine protesters at first, then just two, or perhaps four, after a minor accident south of town delayed passage of the Exxon/Mobil equipment. Continue reading

Accident Suspends Some Megaload Movements

MOSCOW – After a noninjury accident on U.S. Highway 95 about one mile south of here, megaload movements through Moscow have been suspended.

The suspension follows an incident Tuesday night, and resumption is pending the filing of an accident mitigation plan, the Idaho State Police reported. Continue reading