Chaney Criticizes ITD and ISP for Allowing Tar Sands Shipments during Holidays & Imperial Oil Announces Second Phase of Kearl Oil Sands Development in Alberta

Latah County Sheriff deputies received a $4000 check from a project manager of Mammoet, the hauler transporting Imperial Oil megaloads through Idaho to the Alberta tar sands.  The reimbursement covers police costs for escorting the modules on Highway 95 and patrolling protests in downtown Moscow between July 15 and November 1, 2011.  Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney wrote a letter to the Idaho transportation department and state police stating her displeasure with megaloads traveling during the holidays and thus diverting law enforcement attention away from intoxicated drivers, especially after Moscow Police Chief David Duke said last week that shipments would be suspended until mid-January.  Imperial Oil declared on Wednesday that the first phase of its Kearl Oil Sands assembly of megaloads into a bitumen extraction plant starting production next year is 80 percent complete.  The company plans to spend $8.6 billion expanding the second phase of its operations that could produce 110,000 barrels of oil per day in 2015.  Please listen to Chaney Criticizes ITD and ISP for Allowing Tar Sands Shipments during Holidays and Imperial Oil Announces Second Phase of Kearl Oil Sands Development in Alberta between 17:08 and 11:50 of the KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Imperial to Double Tar Sands Strip Mines, on Wednesday, December 21, at

Imperial Oil Announces $8.6 Billion Expansion of Kearl Oil Fields

CALGARY, Alberta – Imperial Oil Ltd. said Wednesday it will go ahead with an  $8.9 billion Canadian (US$8.6 billion) expansion to its Kearl oil sands mine in  Alberta.

The Calgary-based oil producer and refiner said the second phase of the  project is slated to begin producing 110,000 barrels of oil per day by late  2015.

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(The Associated Press, Missoulian)

Another Dent, Another Dollar, Another Demonstration

The ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil tar sands upgrader plant component that hit a private vehicle pulled over by flaggers for megaload passage south of Moscow on Tuesday, December 6 (Jeanne McHale photo).

As North America turns back toward the sun with the Winter Solstice at 9:30 pm on Wednesday, December 21, concerned citizens and Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists turn our sights away from the dirty oil, coal, and gas we collectively dig from the ground toward the abundant energy that fills our skies with light, wind, and residual carbon.  Please join us for a mass exercise of our First Amendment rights to re-envision and re-empower our material and political lives as we confront the corporate power, government complicity, and industrial forces that threaten life on our home planet.

The tar sands are America’s dirty secret and the reason that Canada has abandoned the Kyoto Protocol.  We consume 97 percent of the “oil” produced by assembled megaloads and accompanying energy- and water-intensive processes amidst 250 square miles of a denuded First Nations boreal forest wetland.  Idaho may be the first sacrifice zone of Big Oil expanding transportation to and from the tar sands to world energy markets.  Its wildness should make it the weakest link: Rise up, tough Idahoans, or watch your forests burn! Continue reading

Moscow Mayor Unhappy over Holiday Megaloads

City dealing with confusion over Mammoet’s holiday plans

Scheduling confusion in Moscow over shipments of Imperial Oil refinery modules through the city tonight led Mayor Nancy Chaney to issue a letter Tuesday to the Idaho State Police and transportation department chastising the agencies.

It had been Moscow Police Chief David Duke’s understanding last week that contract hauler Mammoet was suspending shipments for the holidays until mid-January, but ISP informed him Monday two loads would come through the city tonight. Continue reading