U.S. 12 Business Owners Question Lack of ISP Escort for Upcoming Megaloads & Exxon Hauler Mammoet Pays Moscow $20,000 for Police Overtime Protecting Tar Sands Shipments

Anti-megaload activist Borg Hendrickson questioned the safety of overlegal Imperial Oil tar sands shipments on U.S. Highway 12 without Idaho State Police escorts, considering the confusing conditions of Imperial Oil/Mammoet transports that caused two recent Highway 95 collisions and of a Weyerhaeuser/Nickel Brothers half-hour delay of a heart-attack victim carried by private vehicle on Highway 287 to the Choteau, Montana, hospital.  She noted that the Idaho Transportation Department allows endless revisions of megaload companies’ traffic management plans after accidents that damage private and public property, but the agency never permanently denies permits after cumulative problems arise.  Imperial Oil’s subsequent resumption of module travel on Highway 95 after the December 6 crash did not provide the public or press with ample time or copies of safety plan changes to review the outcomes of Mammoet’s internal report on failed safety procedures and the Idaho State Police collision investigation that is compromised by conflicted Mammoet/public payments of trooper salaries.  Moscow city police also received $20,000 of ongoing reimbursement for overtime hours spent patrolling megaload protests and crowds that precipitated eight arrests between mid-July and November 1.  Latah County sheriffs have not received similar payment responses to their invoices sent to the Imperial Oil contractor Mammoet.  For more information, listen to U.S. 12 Business Owners Question Lack of ISP Escort for Upcoming Megaloads and Exxon Hauler Mammoet Pays Moscow $20,000 for Police Overtime Protecting Tar Sands Shipments between 20:25 and 11:07 on the KRFP Radio Free Moscow Evening Report, Mammoet Pays for Police, on Friday, December 16, at http://radiofreemoscow.org/2011/12/20111216/.

Mammoet Pays Up [City Police] for Megaloads

Finance director says $20,664 covers police overtime costs

Moscow received its first payment from Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil contract hauler Mammoet.

The payment reimburses the city for its costs for staffing police officers to handle crowd control since the oil company began transporting overlegal shipments of refinery equipment through the city in July. Continue reading

ITD Gives Megaloads Green Light

The protocol for Imperial Oil megaloads on U.S. Highway 95 changed this week as the shipments received the green light from the Idaho Transportation Department to resume travel.

ITD temporarily suspended permission for the loads to travel after an accident Dec. 6 south of Moscow on Highway 95. Three rigs, including the one involved in the accident, would have been allowed to go Thursday, but they were postponed to an undetermined date because of weather.

When they hit the road, a pilot vehicle will be placed in front of the lead load before it leaves the staging area about a mile south of Moscow, where the rigs create a convoy before entering the city, according to a report from ITD and the Idaho State Police. Continue reading