Dual Megaload Protest 9-15-11

A tar sands upgrading plant component skirts Moscow protesters (David Hall photo).

The back of a huge, two-lane-wide, Imperial Oil "blue box" passes by the Corner Club (David Hall photo).

A 190-foot-long tar sands megaload squeezes through a protest gauntlet on a short Washington Street curve (David Hall photo).

Dual Megaload Rolls through Moscow

Convoy leaves Port of Lewiston about 8 pm Thursday

As many as 100 demonstrators lined a two-block section of downtown Moscow on Washington Street Thursday night to protest or support a convoy of two Imperial Oil shipments headed for Canada.

The demonstrators, the vast majority of whom opposed the loads, were warned early on by Moscow police that they would be arrested if they tried to impede the loads.

The two megaloads passed through Moscow at about 10:30 pm without incident – other than garnering a few shouts from both protesters and supporters. Continue reading