The Planet They Will Inherit from Us

Arrested tar sands megaload protester and WIRT activist Vince Murray

Vince Murray, Moscow

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 9/5/11

My grandmother, my father’s mother, lived into her mid-90s, living for most of the 20th century and for a little more than a decade of the 19th century. She was a wonderful person who endured much during her long life, but as she neared the end she always referred to two events that she felt best summed up her time here on earth.

She loved to say to me, “Vincey, when I was young I rode into Yosemite Valley on a wagon pulled by horses over a rough dirt road. Years later, I watched a television as a man walked on the moon.” That change in the technology of travel astonished her, and it said something profound to her about the changes one person can experience in a lifetime. The slow pace of a life dependent upon dirt roads and horses suddenly converted to a life where rockets and computers and televisions were things taken for granted. Continue reading