Megaloads and the Big Picture

Jan Johnson, Moscow

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 9/8/11

I am writing in response to your weekend editorial, “Protesters fighting the wrong fight in Moscow,” (Daily News, August 27-28) and Henry D. Johnston’s column, “An asinine exercise in pure stupidity,” (Daily News, August 30) regarding local megaload protests: Both writers are incredibly misinformed, naive and/or disingenuous to think these local protests were ever only about the use of heavy trucks on Idaho roads.

And had Johnston attended the protests, in addition to “hippies,” he would have seen children, families, college students and faculty, and various other community members. Both writers demonstrate an alarmingly narrow understanding of the megaloads and Alberta Tar Sands issues. The only issue Idaho residents were allowed to argue in court is the use of Idaho roads by trucks bound for the Tar Sands. The moral and ethical issues were not allowed in court. Continue reading