Megaload Protest Was Righteous

Jodie A. Ficca, Moscow

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 9/2/11

I am writing in reply to the editorial in the weekend Daily News (August 27 & 28), “Protestors fighting the wrong fight in Moscow.”

It is a brave endeavor, apparently, to actually speak out in support of keeping Moscow and many other towns and cities along the megaload route undamaged. There is a reason those megaloads are being driven through town after midnight. Exxon/Mobile is very aware that what they are doing has a negative impact on the people and the land they travel through as well as their destination. They are ignoring citizens’ rights to deny access to their property by an entity that is damaging to that property as well as other roads and highways. The citizens have a right to refuse to enable that negative impact. Continue reading

No Shortage of Cops as Another Megaload Rolls through Moscow

Police chief says no arrests were made this time

MOSCOW – Amid a police presence of nearly 30 officers, an estimated 200 demonstrators lined both sides of Washington Street here just after midnight Thursday as an Imperial Oil/Exxon Mobil megaload slipped through the gauntlet with ease.

Police Chief David Duke reported no arrests. “We had four that were warned, but they complied.”

Last week, six demonstrators were arrested and jailed after a megaload was forced to a stop. Continue reading

Global Warming Worth Going to Jail Over

20-year climate activist and WIRT co-founder Rob Briggs

Rob Briggs, Pullman

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 9/2/11

Normally, I would feel mortified learning that my arrest and incarceration had made front-page news in my local paper (Daily News, August 23). But last Tuesday, I looked forward to telling my mother, who agrees that global warming is worth going to jail over.

My charge was failure to leave the “postcard area” in front of the White House until the Park Police agreed to arrest me. I was guilty as a dog and prepared to admit it. After two days in jail, I was released without charge. Continue reading