Omega Morgan on Highway 95?

WIRT activists, friends, and supporters,

On Saturday, September 14, around Tensed, Idaho, a regional activist spotted an Omega Morgan ‘pole truck’ measuring height clearances on U.S. Highway 95.  Allies have submitted public records requests about the situation that implies that the Hillsboro, Oregon, transport company is considering either moving the second evaporator stored in a warehouse at the Port of Wilma, Washington, or hauling its remaining eight to ten proposed megaloads up the highway to the Hangingstone steam assisted gravity drainage tar sands mining facilities under construction southwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Omega Morgan and its contractors would still need to submit the appropriate documents and receive travel permits from the Idaho Transportation Department for such ventures. Continue reading

Cargo Contractors Company Megaload Schematics

As mentioned in the August 27 Lewiston Tribune article, Megaload Ban Could Cost General Electric Millions, the Highway 12 megaload route “continues to attract attention from other shippers.  Leon Franks, of Contractors Cargo Company based at Compton, California, said his company wants to ship three massive refinery vessels from the Port of Lewiston to Great Falls, Montana, by November.  He said the route is vital for the movement of large equipment like refinery vessels, wind turbines, and power plant generators that provide electricity and fuel for a growing population.”

Thanks to the public records requests of our allies, here are the schematics of the three Contractors Cargo Company megaloads, weighing over 1,100,000 pounds, measuring up to 324 feet long, and requiring two push trucks:

43 Hydrotreater Great Falls Montana REV1 CA

43 Hydrtreater Great Falls Montana REV2 Idaho

51 Hydrotreater Great Falls Montana REV3