WIRT Newsletter: Lapwai Meeting & Teach-In, Megaload Hearing & Injunction​, Protester Charges, SAGD Response, & Benefit Concerts

Fellow megaload resisters,

Friday, September 13, 5 pm: Megaload Meeting

Nez Perce tribal and non-tribal activists are holding a gathering at 5 pm this Friday, September 13, at Lapwai City Park in Lapwai, Idaho, to discuss ideas and plans for protester court cases and next megaload movements on Highway 12.  Judge Winmill today granted a preliminary injunction against only Omega Morgan megaloads using Highway 12, in response to the Monday, September 9 federal court hearing that the tribe and Idaho Rivers United brought against the Forest Service.  Attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Boise will attend this meeting, to assist the 28 tribal members who were arrested while protesting the last Omega Morgan megaload shipment in early August.  At no cost, ACLU representatives may also provide a training to advise the tribe and community about the legal aspects of conducting civil disobedience.  They could also coordinate on-site legal observers to document protests, if and/or when the next tar sands module currently parked at the Port of Wilma or other megaloads pursue passage on regional highways.  This precautionary activist practice and legal protocol assures better protections and outcomes for arrested protesters, who should talk with attorneys before making any statements or decisions about charges.  Contact the Boise office of the ACLU at 208-344-9750, extension 1202, with your questions.  Nez Perce T-shirts printed at the start of anti-megaload struggles three years ago will also be available at this convergence.  Participants invite everyone attending to bring cold water or drinks in anticipation of high temperatures.  Palouse area carpools depart the WIRT Activist House at 4 pm.

Sunday, September 15, 4 pm: Megaloads Teach-In

Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) Nation community members who are concerned about the recent tar sands megaload protests that occurred on August 5 through 8, 2013, encourage and welcome youth, elders, and people of all ages to participate in a community discussion at The Cave, 118 Main Street in Lapwai, Idaho, from 4 to 6 pm on Sunday, September 15.  The teach-in aims to provide the Nimiipuu Nation and community with information and background about the megaloads and the history of Nimiipuu activism, including the perspectives of nation members who wish to share their knowledge on this topic.  Along with dialogue about why the Nimiipuu Nation wants to stop the megaloads and support other indigenous communities in their struggles against tar sands exploitation, facilitators will host a community forum on this issue.  This second teach-in will also offer updates on the federal court case and legalities, in the aftermath of the September 9 hearing in Boise and the September 13 temporary injunction.  Please bring an open mind, positive attitude, and ideas for next steps.  For further information, see the Caywaaspoo Megaload Teach-In Flyer 9-15-13 and contact Ciarra Greene at ciarrag@nezperce.org.  Moscow/Pullman area carpools depart the WIRT Activist House at 3 pm.

Federal Judge Orders Injunction Blocking Highway 12 Megaloads (September 13 Spokesman-Review Eye on Boise)

Sacrifice zone activists opposing alternative tar sands supply routes are always leery when our regional allies proclaim victory while we continue frontline resistance.  Like the Montana court decision on ExxonMobil loads, Judge Winmill’s ruling applies only to Omega Morgan transports.  Another hauler, Contractors Cargo Company, “wants to ship three massive refinery vessels from the Port of Lewiston to Great Falls, Montana, by November”.  But Judge Winmill’s memorandum decision implies that the Forest Service should enforce Highway 12 closure, ironically beyond the Nez Perce Reservation, until the agency has conducted its corridor review and consulted with the tribe.  His order states, “In accordance with the memorandum decision set forth above, now therefore it is hereby ordered that the motion for preliminary injunction is granted.  It is further ordered that the Forest Service issue a closure order to Omega Morgan pursuant to the Forest Service’s authority under 36 U.S.C. § 261.50.  The closure order shall close Highway 12 between mileposts 74 and 174 to any Omega Morgan megaload, and shall remain in place until the Forest Service has conducted its corridor review and consulted with the Nez Perce Tribe.  It is further ordered that the parties may contact the court’s clerk to set up an evidentiary hearing if necessary.” Continue reading