Omega Morgan on Highway 95?

WIRT activists, friends, and supporters,

On Saturday, September 14, around Tensed, Idaho, a regional activist spotted an Omega Morgan ‘pole truck’ measuring height clearances on U.S. Highway 95.  Allies have submitted public records requests about the situation that implies that the Hillsboro, Oregon, transport company is considering either moving the second evaporator stored in a warehouse at the Port of Wilma, Washington, or hauling its remaining eight to ten proposed megaloads up the highway to the Hangingstone steam assisted gravity drainage tar sands mining facilities under construction southwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Omega Morgan and its contractors would still need to submit the appropriate documents and receive travel permits from the Idaho Transportation Department for such ventures.

Anticipating another sacrifice zone scenario, Wild Idaho Rising Tide requests that each of you stay alert to situations on Highway 95 and the Columbia and Snake rivers and share whatever information you may obtain with us.  Although Moscow area tar sands/megaload activists could not convince Coeur d’Alene tribal members to rise up in indigenous solidarity and protest previous megaloads on Highway 95 – nor could we persuade any attorneys or allied groups to defend this alternative route in the courts – we nonetheless are planning and preparing to do everything in our power to halt this potential invasion.  Apparently, the price of protecting regional wild lands and rivers and tribal treaty rights, homelands, and sovereignty entails the most destructive energy mining project on Earth using our city streets and rural roads for boreal forest/wetlands ecocide and First Nations genocide.  We will not tolerate such an affront and ask that you join us in this struggle that continues to escalate across the continent.

Wild Idaho Rising Tide

P.O. Box 9817, Moscow, Idaho 83843


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