WIRT Newsletter: Direct Action Manuals, Idaho Gas & Fukushima Plans, Fracking, Shale Oil, Coal, & Tar Sands Resistance

Formidable fossil fuel foes,


Direct Action Manuals (Wild Idaho Rising Tide web page)

Do your activist homework with PDF and online versions of great guides to civil disobedience: the 1997 first edition of the Earth First! Direct Action Manual and Crimethinc’s A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action, both downloadable from the Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) website!  Please suggest other similar resources for posting.

Disney: Climate Activists Are the Real Super-Heroes (Credo Mobilize petition)

Please sign this petition to demand that corporate media stop portraying Rising Tide and its compassionate climate activists as villains in the television show Agents of SHIELD.  WIRT and our organizational comrades would be honored by such defamation and retaliation as an affirmation of Rising Tide effectiveness if more TV viewers embodied critical thinking skills.  But how can our grassroots capacity ever counter televised propaganda and indoctrination of susceptible minds?

To Wrench or Not to Wrench: A Brief History of Direct Action in the Environmental Movement and its Potential Consequences, Ethical Implications, and Effectiveness (October 26 Earth First! Newswire)


Over One Thousand Rising Tiders, Powershifters, and Supporters Leave Permitted Power Shift March Route to Support Direct Action in Pittsburgh (October 21 Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective)

Thanks to Keith of Rising Tide Vermont for this update with photos: On October 21, Rising Tide activists led a massive breakaway march from the permitted Power Shift route in Pittsburgh, to support the local Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective’s campaign against fracking in Allegheny County parks.

Occupy Fitzgerald’s Office (Tom Jefferson photos)

Rising Tide radicalizes thousands of student climate activists at Power Shift every other year.  WIRT is longing to see this much action around the Idaho fracking/drilling and megaload issues: occupation party in Boise, anyone?

Keystone Pipeline Opponents Plan Widespread Civil Disobedience (October 21 New York Times)

“But the activists tended to be less optimistic than the organizers.  T. R. McKenzie, who works with the Deep Roots United Front in Jefferson, South Dakota, said the national organizations ‘need to stop thinking that petitions and other ways of symbolic action’ are going to prevent Keystone XL.  Mr. McKenzie said that more confrontational types of protests might be necessary, like last week’s blockade of a hydraulic fracturing operation in New Brunswick, Canada, during which Canadian authorities arrested and sprayed tear gas at activists from the Mi’kmaq tribe.’”


WIRT will provide a report and photos from the Idaho Global Frackdown 2, with a link to a CredoAction petition soon, as well as on-the-ground updates about oil and gas drilling and infrastructure development in our next newsletter. Continue reading