WIRT Newsletter: Direct Action Manuals, Idaho Gas & Fukushima Plans, Fracking, Shale Oil, Coal, & Tar Sands Resistance

Formidable fossil fuel foes,


Direct Action Manuals (Wild Idaho Rising Tide web page)

Do your activist homework with PDF and online versions of great guides to civil disobedience: the 1997 first edition of the Earth First! Direct Action Manual and Crimethinc’s A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action, both downloadable from the Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) website!  Please suggest other similar resources for posting.

Disney: Climate Activists Are the Real Super-Heroes (Credo Mobilize petition)

Please sign this petition to demand that corporate media stop portraying Rising Tide and its compassionate climate activists as villains in the television show Agents of SHIELD.  WIRT and our organizational comrades would be honored by such defamation and retaliation as an affirmation of Rising Tide effectiveness if more TV viewers embodied critical thinking skills.  But how can our grassroots capacity ever counter televised propaganda and indoctrination of susceptible minds?

To Wrench or Not to Wrench: A Brief History of Direct Action in the Environmental Movement and its Potential Consequences, Ethical Implications, and Effectiveness (October 26 Earth First! Newswire)


Over One Thousand Rising Tiders, Powershifters, and Supporters Leave Permitted Power Shift March Route to Support Direct Action in Pittsburgh (October 21 Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective)

Thanks to Keith of Rising Tide Vermont for this update with photos: On October 21, Rising Tide activists led a massive breakaway march from the permitted Power Shift route in Pittsburgh, to support the local Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective’s campaign against fracking in Allegheny County parks.

Occupy Fitzgerald’s Office (Tom Jefferson photos)

Rising Tide radicalizes thousands of student climate activists at Power Shift every other year.  WIRT is longing to see this much action around the Idaho fracking/drilling and megaload issues: occupation party in Boise, anyone?

Keystone Pipeline Opponents Plan Widespread Civil Disobedience (October 21 New York Times)

“But the activists tended to be less optimistic than the organizers.  T. R. McKenzie, who works with the Deep Roots United Front in Jefferson, South Dakota, said the national organizations ‘need to stop thinking that petitions and other ways of symbolic action’ are going to prevent Keystone XL.  Mr. McKenzie said that more confrontational types of protests might be necessary, like last week’s blockade of a hydraulic fracturing operation in New Brunswick, Canada, during which Canadian authorities arrested and sprayed tear gas at activists from the Mi’kmaq tribe.’”


WIRT will provide a report and photos from the Idaho Global Frackdown 2, with a link to a CredoAction petition soon, as well as on-the-ground updates about oil and gas drilling and infrastructure development in our next newsletter.

Commissioners Pass Gas and Oil Ordinance with Amendments (July 31 Independent-Enterprise)

For the first-hand accounts of participants in this meeting, also see Payette County Oil and Gas Ordinance (July 29) in the August 19 WIRT Newsletter: Idaho Drilling/F​racking Updates, Risks, & Resistance News.

Put Residents Above Oil Companies (August 29 Argus Observer letter to the editor)

One Gas Well Drilled in Payette County (September 4 Independent-Enterprise)

“One local resident, Alma Hasse, filed a public records request to the Idaho Department of Lands for an oil spill report…The Idaho Department of Lands…response to the record request made in July was that the reported spill was drilling mud and not diesel, as Hasse said she saw.  Drilling mud is not hazardous [but contains diesel fuel]…The records request was denied, because there was no spill and therefore no report.  ‘Everything that has happened so far has been normal,’…said John Foster, spokesman for Snake River Oil and Gas,…of the operation…‘The process is working, and it’s working like it should.’”  For more first-person background on this situation, see Letter to IDL about Smoke Ranch Well Site Spill (July 31) in the August 19 WIRT Newsletter: Idaho Drilling/Fracking Updates, Risks, & Resistance News.

Payette County P&Z Approves Conditional Use Permits for Alta Mesa (October 17 Argus Observer)

On Thursday, October 17, the Payette County planning and zoning commission approved construction of a dehydration/compression station near the Langley Gulch gas-fired power plant off the Interstate 84 New Plymouth exit.  Commissioners also agreed to a hydrocarbon liquid treatment facility with a dehydrator near a purportedly unusually productive, conventionally drilled (without fracking) natural gas well in New Plymouth, by the Teunnisen Dairy.  With little regard for surface landowner impacts, Snake River Oil and Gas and Alta Mesa Services plan to build the dehydration station in an area with disproportionately high state-owned sub-subsurface mineral rights and plenty of moisture in the deep Willow gas field.

In the fall of 2012, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality found that toluene from drilling mud had already poisoned the adjacent water well of a woman who lives 700 feet away from the dairy gas well.  Although she contacted Idaho Residents Against Gas Extraction (IRAGE) allies in distress about the situation last year, she has refused to come forward and defend her rights to clean water at numerous county hearings, even when IRAGE activists encouraged her and publicly addressed the matter.  Gas companies toxically flared the well and two others for weeks during a January/February 2013 cold air inversion, to test gas reservoir size.  Asian manufactured megaloads like the liquid full absorber, a natural gas processor that recently crossed Highway 12, could start moving through our region southward, toward the soon-to-be-fracked Payette County oil and gas field.

Gasland (2010 Josh Fox documentary)

This Video Explains Almost Everything You Want to Know About Fracking (September 17 Grist)


Mi’kmaq & Elsipogtog First Nations Fracking Blockade

Idaho Residents Against Gas Extraction and Wild Idaho Rising Tide urged everyone to march and rally in solidarity with frontline Mi’kmaq warriors and supporters, who endured intense struggles on October 17 to defend their homeland from fracking, at the Idaho Global Frackdown 2 in Boise on October 19.

Photo with comprehensive news links (October 17 Occupy Seattle)

Ten Must-Share Images, Scenes, and Far-Flung Shows of Support in the Mi’kmaq Anti-Fracking Protest (October 22 Indian Country Today)


More Oil Trains Expected in Washington Under Proposals (October 27 Associated Press)

“To take advantage of a boom in oil from North Dakota’s Bakken region, three terminals – in Anacortes, Tacoma, and Clatskanie, Oregon – are already receiving crude oil by trains.  Other facilities are proposed at the ports of Grays Harbor and Vancouver, and at refineries.  Together, the ten projects would be capable of moving nearly 800,000 barrels per day.”

North Dakota Fails to Disclose Hundreds of Oil Spills to the Public (October 29 EcoWatch)

Tesoro Savage Vancouver Oil Terminal Public Hearing (October 28 TVW)

TVW taped a public hearing on Monday, October 28, about a proposal by Tesoro Corporation and Savage Companies to build the Pacific Northwest’s largest oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, Washington.  The event included presentations by Tesoro/Savage representatives and Washington state Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) staff and comments from the public.

Hundreds Rally, Attend Hearing to Call on State of Washington to Reject Massive Vancouver Oil Terminal (October 30 Columbia Riverkeeper)

NO OIL TRAINS in north Idaho and Spokane!  At Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, on Tuesday, October 29, 400 people participated in a rally, press conference, and the first public hearing about the unprecedented, proposed 360,000-barrel-per-day Tesoro Savage rail-to-port Bakken shale (and eventually tar sands?) oil terminal at the publicly owned Port of Vancouver on the Columbia River.  Based on public input, the Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council will make a recommendation to Governor Inslee, who can grant or deny facility construction.  A Bakken shale oil train exploded and killed 47 people in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, on July 6, and Tesoro is still cleaning (covering) up a September 29 pipeline oil spill en route to a North Dakota rail terminal.  Comments are due on November 18!

A Night at an Oil Terminal Hearing in Vancouver, Washington (October 31 Earth First! Newswire)

WIRT posted a facebook photo that over 325 people have shared, evoking a response from the Warm Springs tribal activist whose testimony this article, linked through the photo, describe:

As the sole Native group representative at the Vancouver oil port hearing, a young Warm Springs Nation activist testified, identifying herself and local Klickitat land.  She insisted that EFSEC should include indigenous panel members and consult all Columbia River tribes.  When she went slightly over her time limit, the panel chairman declared, “You’re over time.”  Looking shocked, she continued to finish her statement, and the chairman screeched, “Security!  Please escort this young lady out of the meeting hall.”  The 400-person audience stirred, some shouted in her defense, and the next speaker ceded time to her, but the chairman refused.  A police officer entered the room, and the activist concluded, announcing that she would voluntarily leave in respect for the proceedings.  After she decried illegal panel presence on stolen Native land, she abandoned the podium, and the audience mounted a slow-clap in exuberant solidarity that disregarded hearing rules.

Kayla Godowa: “I am that woman who testified in the Tesoro hearing, which happened in Vancouver, Washington, USA, not Canada.  I am a descendant of treaty signers of the Mid-Columbia treaty, signed in 1855, and a member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs of Oregon.  Since I testified, on the very next day, October 30, 2013, at about 3 pm, two FBI agents came to my home and have been harassing my family and me.  I am stating this for public record, documentation, and witness.  Thank you.”


Coal Terminal Hearings Draw 1,000 (October 9 Columbian)

“An estimated 1,000 people filed into the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds [in Vancouver, Washington,] on Wednesday to make their best case for or against a proposed coal export terminal in Longview…That’s the second-largest turnout among the four meetings held so far.  The first, in Longview, drew an estimated attendance of 1,300, according to Department of Ecology spokeswoman Linda Kent.”

Backers of Longview Coal Export Terminal Lonely in Tacoma at Fifth and Final Hearing (October 17 News Tribune)

At the fifth and final, packed Tacoma scoping hearing about the proposed coal export facility at the former Reynolds Aluminum smelter site outside Longview, 700 of the 800 who attended were red-shirted opponents again dominating such meetings held in Longview, Spokane, Pasco, and Vancouver, Washington.  Few people testified in favor of the project proposed by Millennium Bulk Terminals, a subsidiary of Ambre Energy North America and Arch Coal, which would annually transfer 50 million tons of coal from Montana and Wyoming mines and rail lines through the Columbia Gorge to China.  During this initial phase of preparing a state environmental impact statement (EIS) on the project, the Washington Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County are accepting public comments on the range of their EIS study that will determine their permit decisions.  They had received 50,000 comments by mid-October, in advance of the scoping period deadline of November 18.

Big Coal’s Export Lifeboat Hits Stormy Seas (October 22 Center for American Progress)

“China will cease to import coal in 2015 and will see a decline in coal consumption in absolute terms in 2016, as hydro, nuclear, renewables, and gas-fired generation take market share in the power sector…Most of the rights to Powder River Basin coal are held by the federal government…That region accounts for about 40 percent of U.S. coal production…[and] about 13 percent of total U.S. carbon emissions each year.  [Under] the federal coal-leasing program, coal companies are underpaying,…[and] taxpayers have been shortchanged by nearly $29 billion over the past 30 years.”

It’s Time to Take Back Our Port Rally (Dogwood Initiative)

“Port Metro Vancouver…has the power to expand the docking facility Kinder Morgan requires to double its pipeline to Burnaby and to grant permits for coal export proposals like Fraser Surrey Docks.  The problem is Port Metro Vancouver is run like a corporation, with an unelected board of mostly industry appointees.”

Take Back Our Port: Citizens Demand Answers (October 27 CTV)


Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake Hits off Japan’s Fukushima (October 25 Aljazeera America)

Earthquake Strikes near Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant; No Reports of Damage (October 25 Toronto Star)

Besides the inevitable rerouting of tar sands megaloads up Highway 95 (or Highway 12 if they are under 16 feet wide and 150 feet long), the inevitable 7.3 magnitude, offshore earthquake has struck near the Fukushima nuclear plant.

TEPCO Accepts U.S. Offer to Aid Dangerous Fukushima Cleanup (November 2 RT)

“The [mid-November] fuel removal at Unit 4 is said to be the toughest and most dangerous operation for TEPCO; one wrong move could result in horrific quantities of radiation being released into the atmosphere or cause an explosion many times worse than the original disaster.  Reactor 4 contains ten times more Cesium-137 than Chernobyl did.  Scientists have warned that another nuclear disaster could be the beginning of an ultimate catastrophe for the planet.”


Fireball Hits Sky as Train Carrying Crude Oil, Gas Derails (October 19 Common Dreams)

A Canadian National Railway train carrying liquefied petroleum gas and crude oil derailed west of Edmonton…

CN Rail Cars Burning After Yesterday’s Alberta Derailment (October 21 Bloomberg)

…One of many fossil fuel train wrecks in Canada over the last decade…

CN Hiding Derailments, Falsifying Stats, Employees Allege (October 24 CBC)

U.S. Court: TransCanada’s Keystone XL Profits More Important than Environment (October 13 DesmogBlog)

TransCanada illegally bypassed the National Environmental Policy Act by obtaining a Nationwide Permit 12 from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to build its 485-mile Gulf Coast (southern Keystone XL) pipeline.  While the Sierra Club and Clean Energy Future Oklahoma await this summary judgment from the U.S. District Colorado Court, the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver refused to grant them a temporary injunction on construction of the now complete 700,000-barrels-per-day, tar sands export pipeline, slated for early 2014 flows.  The 2 to 1 decision ruled that “the threatened environmental injuries were outweighed by the financial harm that the injunction would cause TransCanada.”…”This decision yet again demonstrates why direct action is necessary,” said Ron Seifert, a Tar Sands Blockade spokesman…”If all the branches of government are so helplessly captured by industry that they will do nothing to stave off climate change, then the people must rise up and take the defense of the environment into their own hands.”  Although the Tenth Circuit Court has been bought, let’s hope that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has not been ethically/judicially compromised, if it ever considers a Highway 12 megaload decision.

Southern Leg of Keystone XL Near Completion as Opponents Lose Last Legal Battle in Texas (October 23 Indian Country Today)


How Activists Shut Down the Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline Hearings (October 21 Vice)

Rising Tide Toronto ROCKS!  Check out the video of the Line 9 pipeline hearing uprising on the day after the fracking-motivated police invasion of Mi’kmaq/Elsipogtog lands.

Hundreds Protest Tar Sands Pipeline as Expert Warns of 90 Percent Probability of Line 9 Rupture (October 23 EcoWatch)

No Line 9 No Tar Sands Pipelines Toronto Rally October 19 2013 *The Indignants* (Mike Roy video)

Wild Idaho Rising Tide

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