Upcoming Events, Early July News

Fellow activists, friends, and supporters,


Fearless Summer is boldly unfolding as one of the most active seasons of direct actions against dirty energy in American history.  Join us in supporting, organizing, and staging some of the following initiatives instigated by Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) and our courageous comrades across the continent.  WIRT is coordinating regional carpools departing Moscow, Spokane, Boise, and Missoula for all of these events.  Because we will be traveling to these great convergences throughout July and August, please RSVP preferably by phone (208-301-8039) or email (wild.idaho.rising.tide@gmail.com).  Peruse our constantly updated Events Calendar page of the WIRT website and contribute what you can toward our ever-expanding and escalating resistance campaigns.

July 18: WIRT Monthly, Third Thursday Potluck Meeting (Thursday 7 pm, WIRT Activist House, Moscow, Idaho)

July 18-20: Rising Tide Continental Gathering (Thursday to Saturday, Green River, Utah)

July 24-29: (Utah Tar Sands) Canyon Country Action Camp (Wednesday to Monday, Green River, Utah) (facebook page)

July 26: Gutting the Heartland – Traveling Art Gallery (Friday 5:30 to 7:30 pm, Community/Saranac Building, 25-35 West Main Avenue, Spokane)

July 27: Summer Heat: Columbia River Climate Action (Saturday 10 am to 4 pm, Portland, Oregon, part of continent-wide 350.org Summer Heat) (facebook page)

July 31-August 5: Localize This! Artful Activism Organizer Training (Wednesday to Monday, Vashon Island, Washington)

August: Compassionate Earth Walk (Eastern Montana Keystone XL pipeline route)

August 23-25: Montana Moccasins on the Ground (Friday to Sunday, near Butte, Montana)

With mountain camping on beautiful private lands near the continental divide and Butte, the Montana Moccasins on the Ground nonviolent direct action camp, planned and prepared by Indian People’s Action and Montana environmental justice allies, will be led by Debra White Plume and Owe Aku.

September 15-16: September Showdown, Coal Export Action (Sunday and Monday, Helena, Montana) (sign-up)

September 17-October 17: Millennium Bulk (Coal Export) Terminals Longview Public Scoping Hearings (9/25 Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, 10/1 The Trac Center in Pasco)

October 19: Global Frackdown (Saturday, across Idaho, continent-wide) Continue reading