Port of Lewiston’s Helmsman Navigates Busy Waters

The Port of Lewiston has been the site of much activity this year as crews worked to reduce the size of the extra-large shipments dubbed "megaloads" (The Lewiston Tribune/Steve Hanks photo).

While shipping is one of the most visible of the Port of Lewiston’s functions, its manager says it’s only one method to achieve the primary mission of job creation.

The subject of this month’s Business Profile doesn’t own a business. In fact, if you live in Nez Perce County, you are his boss.

As general manager of the Port of Lewiston, David Doeringsfeld is responsible not just for the shipment of cargo in and out of Lewiston, but for “enhancing the economic environment of Nez Perce County.”

His job is to help create more jobs. Or, as he put it, “It’s not just about barges.” Continue reading