Megaload Countdown: Protest & Monitor!

[Update: Last night, on Tuesday, January 10, Imperial Oil and its hauler Mammoet moved only one of its three tar sands modules up Highway 95, admitting that “two shipments were not able to leave the Port of Lewiston.” Moscow police informed protesters of this postponement after the first load traversed our city streets.  Tonight, Big Oil plans to pummel Idaho roads with the heaviest megaload yet, a 425,000-pound, 215-feet-long climate killer, and with a 60,000-pound, two-lane (24-feet) wide, rolling roadblock.  Please do your part to monitor and protest this deadly procession on Wednesday, January 11, or forever regret your complicity in global devastation.  Join Moscow activists and Wild Idaho Rising Tide members who will supply protest signs, banners, and chants and monitoring partners and guidance.  Bring your friends, family, outrage, strong voice, and recording equipment.  Monitors are meeting near Moscow City Hall, at the corner of Second and Washington streets, at 7:30 pm and after the demonstration.  Protesters are converging at the same location between 9:30 and 10 pm.  Please see the prior announcement for further information and check the ExxonMobil website at for other last-minute, purportedly weather-induced changes.] Continue reading