ITD Neglected Its Mandate

Eric L. Jensen, Moscow

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 11/25/11

On October 27, my wife and I were driving from the Lewis-Clark Valley to Moscow. At about 8-8:30 p.m. we came over the top of the hill by Johnson Trucking doing the speed limit of 60 mph. A few seconds after coming over the top of the hill we were surprised by dozens of pylons – maybe hundreds – across all lanes of the highway. There was no warning, no signage to explain how to get through this mess, and no Idaho Transportation Department employees. Images of a collision rushed through my mind. There was a lone worker by a nonstate of Idaho truck along the side of the road. He made no effort to direct or assist us. We did not know how to get through this massive obstruction and were somewhat panic stricken. We made it through the pylons somehow but it all happened so quickly I don’t recall how we did it. Continue reading