President Sanders, Black Snake Killaz, Rescheduled WIRT Meetings, Wet’suwet’en Solidarity

March 10: Vote for Bernie!

If you are an Idaho or Washington resident, please vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in the Tuesday, March 10, presidential primary election from 8 am to 8 pm at Idaho polling places, where you can also register in-person as a voter with identification, or contact your county elections department in Washington in-person to register, update your address, and request a ballot for deposit in an official, election mail, drop box by 8 pm [1, 2].

Although this election decision is your personal choice, voting records on numerous, progressive, environmental and social justice issues, including fossil fueled climate chaos, suggest that Senator Sanders will seek better resolutions than former Vice President Joe Biden or current President Donald Trump.  Consider who will most effectively end worldwide, U.S.-initiated, political and resource wars, institute a Green New Deal and ban fracking, and establish affordable college education, a livable minimum wage, and Medicare for all [3-5].  Senator Sanders is the strongest candidate who can win the Democratic nomination in July and the U.S. presidency in November [6].

During this crucial, transitional time of planetary tragedy, choosing political expediency, moderate candidates, and half-measures risks the lives, health, and safety of millions of Americans [7, 8].  As Ben Franklin warned, during another momentous era, “Those who would give up essential liberty (a better democracy for all), to purchase a little temporary safety (election defeat of Trump), deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Climate activists encourage you to elect the only viable, progressive candidate remaining from an inspiring field of grassroots leaders and committed to implementing critically necessary plans and policies that can resolve energy systems and climate change [9, 10].  Please show up and cast your ballot in support of climate crisis solutions and Senator Bernie Sanders on March 10, and participate on Saturday, April 4, in selection of county delegates for the Idaho Democratic Convention in Boise, on June 4 to 7.  Idahoans will send 22 delegates to the Democratic National Convention on July 13 to 16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where small states could swing the nomination.

March 12: Black Snake Killaz #NoDAPL Film

On Thursday, March 12, at 7 pm, KRFP Radio Free Moscow, Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment, Palouse Environmental Sustainability Coalition, and Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse Environmental Task Force are sponsoring a showing of the documentary Black Snake Killaz at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, 508 South Main Street in Moscow, Idaho.  For free or donation admissions, hear from Gary Dorr, Al Chidester, and other activists who participated in protests against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), recently proposed for expansion, and created displayed art from their experiences of Standing Rock and indigenous resistance camps in North Dakota in 2016 and 2017.

Produced by the on-site videographers and reporters of Unicorn Riot, Black Snake Killaz highlights the actions of water protectors to stop Bakken oil pipeline construction, and investigates the actions of law enforcement, military, and corporate mercenaries attempting to quell the months-long protest.  This collaborative, creative commons film describes the historical events that unfolded at Standing Rock, and shares the raw, frontline experiences of direct actions.  Although energy companies completed the Dakota Access pipeline, the importance of water protectors’ stories and their resistance movement grows, as fossil fuel extraction projects continue to impact some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the world.

KRFP will host an information table with literature, bumper stickers, a donation jar, and ticket sales for the Real Radio Dinner on Saturday, March 28 [11].  Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) volunteers and other north Idaho groups will also present outreach tables, for participants to learn and engage in Idaho and Northwest struggles against climate-wrecking fossil fuels infrastructure, extraction, and transportation.  Please widely share the two attached event posters, to augment film and dinner attendance.

March 12 & 26: WIRT Meetings & Movies Continue reading