Fourth Panhandle Paddle

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) and allied, #No2ndBridge activists, friends, and supporters invite and heartily welcome your input and involvement during an upcoming weekend of opportunities to discuss, train for, and stage resistance to the fossil fuel and railroad industry degraders of basic, global, human, environmental, and climate health and rights.  Interior Northwest residents are organizing and co-hosting fourth annual, Panhandle Paddle activities, to stand against Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway’s (BNSF) proposed bridge and track construction across Lake Pend Oreille, Sand Creek, and Sandpoint, and regional trains hauling volatile, Alberta tar sands, fracked, Bakken crude oil, dusty, Powder River Basin coal, and other hazardous materials that recklessly endanger our lives, communities, lands, water, air, and climate.  This fossil fuel infrastructure use, expansion, and deterioration has resulted in multiple, recent, train derailments and collisions in north Idaho, northwest Montana, and beyond, including disastrous, coal and oil train wrecks, spills, fires, and pollution of the Clark Fork River near Heron, Montana, and the Columbia River Gorge in Mosier, Oregon.  Please join us at these annual, Panhandle Paddle events at the Gardenia Center, City Beach Park, and Dog Beach Park in Sandpoint, Idaho, on September 7 to 9! Continue reading