Fourth Annual Celebration of Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Fourth Annual Celebration of WIRT Flyer

The fourth year of relentless Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activism has manifested plenty to celebrate!  We invite and welcome everyone to the Fourth Annual Celebration of Wild Idaho Rising Tide, commemorating our anniversary as a direct action collective and reinvigorating our members, friends, and supporters for another year of dedicated commitment and involvement in the passionate climate justice movement.  This yearly fundraising party supports WIRT activists, who confront the root causes and perpetrators of climate change by asserting direct actions and promoting locally organized solutions, in solidarity with frontline communities of resistance and an international, volunteer, grassroots network of activists.  We eagerly anticipate hosting another lively, evening gathering, enjoying shared camaraderie, live music and dancing, and exuberant fun.

Between 7 pm and 12 midnight on Saturday, March 28, revel in a benefit concert provided by three bands, along with a home-cooked, potluck dinner and desert, beer and wine for purchase, and dozens of raffle prizes donated by community members and businesses.  To savor our successes, hundreds of selected photos of our demonstrations and initiatives will cycle through a background slide show.  Please join dirty energy resisters at the 1912 Center Great Room, 412 East Third Street in Moscow, Idaho, for a well-deserved wild time full of spirited conversation and inspiring music played by remarkable, visiting songwriters and performers.

Do not miss this upcoming opportunity to support the robust activism of Idaho’s courageous challengers of the government, corporate, and industrial sources of climate chaos, for voluntary admission contributions of only $5 or greater.  WIRT offers our hearty thanks to Tom Bennett of Sweet Salt Records in Salt Lake City, Utah, for co-coordinating the multiple entertainment aspects of this event and arranging live performances by musicians traveling to Moscow from Chicago and Salt Lake City.  For further information and/or to assist with preparing and staging WIRT’s big night, please visit the WIRT website and facebook pages, contact WIRT at or 208-301-8039, and print and post the color Fourth Annual Celebration of WIRT Flyer. Continue reading