Megaload Inches Toward the JD Valley

Forecast: Better moving weather ahead

The Omega Morgan megaload made it out of Dale – but just barely – last night.

The huge transport is parked again about five miles down Highway 395 from the Dale Store, according to proprietor Butch Phelps.

He said the rig left about 8 pm, with company and transportation officials hoping the snowy weather would skirt that area.  Instead, the snow began to fall.

“It started snowing – a flake here and a flake there – while they were having their safety meeting,” he said.

The stretch traveled last night features a steep incline and curves, meaning the transport could only move at a crawl. Continue reading

Idaho & Montana Tar Sands Megaload Protests!

Idaho & Montana Tar Sands Megaload Protests Flyer

Marsing, Mountain Home, Bellevue, Arco, & Salmon, Idaho

Missoula & Montana Locations

December 18 & Beyond (Dates, Places, & Carpools TBA)

Wild Idaho Rising Tide will regularly update the tentative dates, times, places, and carpool arrangements of megaload protesting and monitoring activities on the WIRT website and facebook pages.  Please bring your family, friends, and neighbors, and come prepared with protest signs, banners, and equipment, musical instruments, voices, and chants, audio and video recorders, cameras, notepads, and your spirit of solidarity, regional resistance, and freedom of expression.

* Missoula planning meeting for megaload protesting and monitoring: Converge at 5 pm MST on Wednesday, December 18, at Liquid Planet, 223 North Higgins Avenue.

* Boise carpools to Marsing and Mountain Home: Contact Ann Ford of 350 Idaho at or 208-344-4675.  Meet at the Shopko sign/parking lot at 2655 South Broadway Avenue, at 8 pm MST on Saturday, December 28, and Sunday, January 5, for Marsing carpools, and at 9 pm MST on Sunday, December 29, and Monday, January 6, for Mountain Home carpools.

* Marsing protest: Also meet at the Marsing Elementary/Middle School parking lot, 205 Eighth Avenue West, Highway 78, at 9 pm on Saturday, December 28, and Sunday, January 5.

* Mountain Home protest: Also meet at the Pilot Travel Center, 1050 Highway 20 at Interstate 84 Exit 95, at 10 pm MST on Sunday, December 29, and Monday, January 6.

* Wood River Valley/Timmerman Junction protest: Meet to carpool in the Atkinsons Market parking lot, 757 North Main Street in Bellevue, at 9 pm MST on Monday, December 30, and Tuesday, January 7, or at the Timmerman Junction rest area, on the southwest corner of the U.S. Highway 20 and Idaho Highway 75 intersection, at 10 pm MST on Monday, December 30, and Tuesday, January 7.

* Pocatello/Blackfoot area carpools to Arco: Contact Levi Shoemaker.  Meet at the Big Kmart sign/parking lot at 3945 Pole Line Road in Pocatello, at 8 pm MST on Monday, December 30, and Tuesday, January 7.

* Salmon protest: Meet at the Skate Park in Island Park, at 10 pm MST on Sunday, January 5, and Monday, January 20.

* Missoula protest: Meet at the Rosauers on Reserve Street, at 12 midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday, January 21-22, Wednesday/Thursday, January 22-23, and Thursday/Friday, January 23-24.

* Spokane carpools to Missoula and Montana protesting and monitoring actions as early as Tuesday, January 21: Contact Terry Hill of Spokane Rising Tide.  Montana activists have arranged lodging for participants visiting Missoula.

* Megaload monitoring at various locations: Contact WIRT at 208-301-8039 and

* Contributions for organizer, monitor, and protester travel and potential legal expenses: Donate through WePay and via mail to P.O. Box 9817, Moscow, ID 83843.

As the tenth Omega Morgan-hauled regional tar sands transport barrels through the wilds of eastern Oregon in the wake of Umatilla and Pendleton direct actions, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists have vowed in several media outlets to confront this purveyor of ecocide, genocide, and climate chaos in southern Idaho [1, 2, 3, 4].  A WIRT interview and several videos of Idaho and Oregon demonstrations and megaloads appeared on Boise television on Tuesday night, declaring upcoming resistance and encouraging southern Idaho residents to protest when the WIRT call to action arises.  Although everyone except a few dozen protesters and three media outlets seemed to overlook the last similar evaporator core that traversed northern Idaho on November 10-13, the region has bestowed a frenzy of media attention on, and climate and tribal activists are mobilizing against, this first of purportedly three Portland-made, extra-massive shipments departing the Port of Umatilla, Oregon.

After winter weather somewhat improved on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the heaviest (901,000 pounds) and longest (376 feet) piece of tar sands equipment to cross the Northwest started moving again from its Pendleton parking spot through eastern Oregon [5, 6, 7, 8].  Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) members held nightly load-side ceremonies since its launch and monitored its onslaughts of their ceded territories and homelands [9, 10].  In its efforts to expand Alberta tar sands exploitation, the fossil fuel industry and its remaining seven entire or dismantled evaporators that originally attempted Highway 12 passage can expect strong resistance on their Idaho and Montana trek.  Meanwhile, southern Idaho industry apologists berate protesters with the same tired litany about dirty energy necessity, activist fossil fuel use, “domestic” energy independence, and mis-attributed NIMBY motivations for dissent [11, 12].  Local Oregon journalists at least honored activist passion if not practices [13]. Continue reading