Payette County P&Z Approves Conditional Use Permits for Alta Mesa

Facilities would allow company to collect and treat natural gas.

Payette County Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) members have approved two conditional use permits for two facilities that would allow a natural gas company to collect and treat natural gas.

So far this year, two wells have been drilled in Payette County, and the state has approved a third.  With the approval of these two conditional use permits, the company, Alta Mesa, will be able to sell the natural gas commercially, and Idaho would officially become a gas-producing state.

One of the permits approved by commission members on Thursday was for a hydrocarbon liquid treatment facility near 4303 Highway 30 South in New Plymouth.  This facility would take up nearly six acres of land outside New Plymouth.

The facility would have no liquids open to the atmosphere but held in a sealed, closed container, according to John Peiserich, representing Alta Mesa.

The facility would require a turnaround for 18-wheelers to come through, though Peiserich said the number of trucks would be in the single digits in a week’s time.  A small truck would service the area, and an employee would be present every day, with additional remote monitoring by a computer checking for any fluctuations in the liquids.

A dehydrator would be on the location to extract water vapor from the natural gas.  This dehydrator, which would be out in the open, would run nearly 24 hours per day, seven days per week, Peiserich said.

The size of the dehydrator that would go on the property is built for 40 wells serviced at constant capacity, or approximately 20 million cubic feet of gas per day, Peiserich said. Continue reading

Megaloads Draw Protesters

Four megaload shipments traveling through Moscow on Tuesday night drew about 16 protesters, Moscow Police Chief David Duke said.

The equipment shipments, hauled by Omega Morgan, came through Moscow in pairs, with the first two rolling through town around 11 pm and the second two around 2 am.  Duke said the protesters were gathered on the corner of Third and Washington streets with signs, when the first pair of megaloads came through, but did not cause any interference.  He said that, by the time the second pair came through Moscow, the protesters had left.

Each of the four shipments was 20 feet wide, 15 feet tall, 75 feet long, and weighed less than 80,000 pounds.  After reaching Coeur d’Alene, the shipments turned east to the Montana border on Interstate 90.

(By The Moscow-Pullman Daily News)