Weekly WIRT Potluck Tonight!

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) is holding potluck gatherings at 7 pm on Thursdays at the WIRT Activist House in Moscow, setting organizational goals, brainstorming strategies, devising tactics, establishing roles, delegating tasks, and mobilizing our collective!  Upcoming and ongoing projects include:

* Plans for initiating a regional canvass, filling the WIRT Activist House, and raising campaign funds

* Carpools to the Monday, September 9 Idaho Rivers United/Nez Perce federal court hearing about Highway 12 megaloads in Boise, Idaho, and to the Sunday and Monday, September 15-16 September Showdown organized by Coal Export Action in Helena, Montana

* Preparation for the Wednesday, September 18 Fourth Annual Tar Sands Healing Walk presentation co-hosted by Palouse Environmental Sustainability Coalition in Moscow, Idaho

* Organization of a Friday, September 20 co-sponsored benefit concert for arrested Nez Perce megaload blockaders, involving two to three invited bands at the Unitarian Church in Moscow, Idaho

* Tactics for protesting and monitoring the next (fifth) mid-late September launch of an Omega Morgan-hauled General Electric tar sands evaporator on Highway 12 in Idaho Continue reading

Put Residents Above Oil Companies

Linda Widner, Weiser

The Argus Observer 8/29/13

(Washington County) Commissioner Anderson and Commissioner Chandler, I’m writing this letter to ask you why you feel following reasonable ordinances is too much for oil companies?  Are they not a multibillion-dollar industry?

Yes, I agree we need more job opportunities in Washington County.  However, I also believe if the oil company causes damage to land, water, animals, and people, it needs to be responsible to take care of whatever damages it causes.  If it decides to drill on your property and it stirs up methane gas, are you going to pay to fix that problem?  Do you think your insurance company will gladly pay?  I don’t think so.

I recently read an MSN article regarding fracking and how banks and lending agencies are revisiting their lending policies to account for potential impacts of drilling.  Also, home insurance policies do not cover residential properties with gas leases or gas wells.

You, like other politicians, were elected by voters to watch out for our best interests.  Instead, it seems politicians only want the job for their own personal agendas.  Please work for our community.