March Forth to Monitor Megaloads!

On Friday, March 1, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) allowed a 129-foot long, 16-foot wide, 177,500-pound transport hauled by Mullen Trucking to travel west on U.S. Highway 12 from Montana between 10 pm and 5 am.  ITD inexplicably permitted this load without full advance public disclosure, as requested by our allies, by sending the associated announcement to area media outlets after 5 pm on Friday.  The state agency obviously compromised the safety and convenience of the traveling public, which it is mandated to uphold, by releasing this information to the press so late and thus facilitating probable traffic delays and confusion caused by the megaload.

If road and weather conditions favor travel tonight, March 4, MAK Transportation of British Columbia ( will move another mammoth shipment east on U.S. Highway 12, from the Port of Lewiston toward Montana, between 10 pm and 5:30 am.  Of unknown weight, ownership, and destination, the transport measures 85 feet long and 17 feet wide and tall.  Three flagging teams and escort vehicles will accompany the shipment to alert other drivers of the over-width load and to limit delays of other Highway 12 traffic to under 15 minutes, as the convoy uses identified turnouts. Continue reading