Superficial Editorial

Joshua Yeidel, Viola

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 8/30/11

This weekend’s editorial (Daily News, Aug. 27 & 28) about the megaload protests in Moscow is amazingly superficial for professed journalists. By removing all context, you trivialize the protest as a futile attempt to stop an oil company truck.

Of course, the protest was much more than that. It was a signal to all those who are passionately concerned about the Earth, our only home, that they are not alone in their passion or their concern. And it was a signal to those who are unaware of the brutal rape of Alberta, giant tar sands exploitation, that they have something to learn (search “tar sands action” on Facebook or “tar sands invasion” on Google). Continue reading

An ‘Asinine Exercise in Pure Stupidity’

Henry D. Johnston

Moscow-Pullman Daily News 8/30/11

In my June 7 column I predicted Moscow’s hippies would dig out their
“leather vests, put on their Birkenstocks and re-adjust their graying
ponytails” in response to the movement of ExxonMobil’s megaloads up U.S.
Highway 95. Now, imagine the belly laugh I enjoyed when I woke up Friday
morning and saw on a photo, taken by Daily News photographer Dean Hare, of my exact prophecy.

Continue reading