Five Arrested and Released in Helena Protest against Big Oil

HELENA – About 70 protesters thundered into the state Capitol on Tuesday, banging on plastic pails and chanting slogans in opposition to the planned Keystone XL pipeline – which is slated to carry crude oil from the Alberta tar sands through Montana – and the megaloads of oil-drilling equipment destined for Alberta.

…Many were associated with Northern Rockies Rising Tide, a group that opposes development of the Alberta tar sands, which critics have said will have significant negative environmental effects.

…Helen Yost of Moscow, Idaho, stood and invited the group to her town, where she said megaloads would be coming. “We’re going to stop them, any way we can,” she said, to cheers.

(By Sanjay Talwani, Independent Record, Helena, Montana, article in Missoulian)

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Montana Governor’s Office Occupation 7-12-11

Anti-oil protesters swarm the Montana governor's office and beat on drums, sing, dance, and chant during a demonstration against oil pipelines and megaloads (Independent Record/Dylan Brown photo).

Activists rally in the Montana governor's office (Northern Rockies Rising Tide photo).

Activists wearing “lock boxes” at the office of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (Northern Rockies Rising Tide photo)

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer talks with anti-pipeline/megaload protesters who swarmed his office at the Capitol (Independent Record/Dylan Brown photo).

Activists of Northern Rockies Rising Tide and Wild Idaho Rising Tide lock down in a mock pipeline in Governor Brian Schweitzer’s office (Northern Rockies Rising Tide photo).