Heavy New Year!

On Wednesday, January 4, in defiance of reason and the public will and in devious resolve to plunder our meager state infrastructure, freshwater ecosystems, and the rapidly fading viability of life under carbon-packed skies, ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil is moving the most massive combined weight of megaloads to ever crush Idaho roads and bridges (and you are the lucky taxpayer who finances its damages AND subsidizes its profits!).  As harbingers of the excessive industrial forces that we have allowed to increasingly proliferate around our planet, the three modules passing through the Palouse toward Alberta tar sands mining operations will respectively (but not respectfully) weigh 200,000, 330,000, and 375,000 pounds and will crowd curves with their 90, 175, and 200 foot lengths and 15 foot heights.  If you have not yet observed or raged against these colossal machines, Highway 95 and Moscow streets are now calling your name!

Because these two-lane, 24-foot-wide shipments will wreck the most havoc on our public resources and access rights, not to mention their obvious impacts on our already tenuous, megaload-compromised safety and convenience, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists and community members urgently encourage your participation as a monitor or protester of this unrealistic and unsustainable tar sands onslaught.  To monitor hauler Mammoet’s transports between their Port of Lewiston departure at 8 pm and their arrival in Moscow at about 10 pm, please converge and partner on the north side of Moscow City Hall, at the corner of Second and Washington streets, at 7:30 pm with recording equipment such as video and still cameras, audio devices, and notepads.

Please also gather with fellow megaload opponents between 9:30 and 10 pm at the same location, to monitor shipments north of Moscow and/or to contribute to a demonstration that matches the unprecedented collective dimensions of these megaloads.  WIRT organizers will confer at the onset of both monitoring and protesting efforts to strategize and implement tactics.  The January 4 loads will travel separately on Highway 95 and Interstate 90 but crawl through Moscow within a convoy teaming with flaggers, pilot vehicles, and Idaho state troopers.  The smallest megaload will travel to a staging/parking area near the Montana border, while the two larger transports on slower moving hydraulic trailers will stop on Thursday at milepost 405, between Worley and the Coeur d’Alene Casino along Highway 95.

Congratulations, Moscow and WIRT activists, for Counterpunch’s recognition as one of ‘Ten Small Green Groups that Make a Big Difference‘!  Now let’s show our admiring compatriots how to effectively confront the biggest corporate parade of all on Wednesday: Occupy Haul Street!

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