Rescind Mega-Invitation

Diana Armstrong, Moscow

The Lewiston Tribune 1/4/11

It’s a new year; everyone makes resolutions. I wonder what the Moscow City Council is doing about the Sustainable Environment Commission’s recommendations regarding the motion the council passed in May inviting the megaloads to Moscow. The commission has asked the council to rescind that statement and issue another.

That statement said the city council believed the movement of the megaloads through Moscow would not have “any inordinate impact on the infrastructure and community.” Depends on how you define “inordinate,” but there were disruptions, costs, and accidents.

“Furthermore,” the statement continued, “we invite and encourage ExxonMobil and their hauler to utilize Moscow as their stopover for motels and the purchase of food, fuel, and their supplies when they halt their loads.” Only someone who had never seen a megaload convoy and was lacking in imagination could say something so off-base. I don’t think they really believed officers and drivers would stop to gas up or buy a pizza. I think the invitation was intended as a flippant slap in the face of those citizens who were opposed to the megaloads using either U.S. Highway 12 or U.S. 95 because of the damage and costs, personal and global, from this kind of commerce.

Please write the city council and urge the issuance of a new statement that reflects a broader view, makes Moscow a good example, and does not denigrate community and personal efforts to make the move toward sustainable sources and sustainable uses of energy.


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