Megaloads Confuse Drivers

Frank Bybee, Desmet

The Lewiston Tribune 1/1/12

I had this terrible accident on Nov. 8, well after dark, about 25 miles north of Moscow on U.S. Highway 95.

I came up on all these huge flashing lights, so I was slowing down. There was a flagger who had a minivan stopped.

I did not notice the van.

I am a pro boxer so my vision and reflexes are above the average. There were just a bunch of huge flashing lights with no instructions to drivers on how to proceed.

I hit that van, I totaled my car and the minivan. I was knocked out and got a concussion. My shoulder and hip are bruised from my seat belt. I am lucky to be alive.

When I ride in a car at night now, a lot of times I have horrifying flashbacks of this accident.

Those wide loads had big flashing lights on them and I didn’t even see the flagger. There was no warning of flagger ahead.

The guy I ran into was coasting foward. His brake lights weren’t on when I hit him.

A lady informed me, “A load of testimony has been made to Idaho Transportation Department in the form of written comments, affidavits and sworn testimony to the effect that the megaload convoys are very confusing to drivers who encounter them at night, including those horrible flashing lights.”

She also informed me the megaloads have caused several accidents on U.S. highways 12 and 95.

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