June Meetings, Trainings, & Marches!

Unknown Date: BNSF Bridges EIS or EA March! (excerpted elsewhere)

Sunday, June 2: Extinction Rebellion Meeting, Moscow

An emerging chapter of Extinction Rebellion is organizing in the Moscow-Pullman area, as part of the international, apolitical network engaging non-violent, direct action to persuade governments to act on current climate and ecological emergencies [1].  Gather for the first meeting between 5 and 6 pm on Sunday, June 2, at The Attic, up the back stairs of 314 East Second Street in Moscow.

Sunday, June 2: Know Your Rights Training, Moscow

The Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) of Eugene, Oregon, is hosting a know-your-rights training called Empowering People to Organize for the Climate and Community [2].  While traveling to Montana for a workshops tour, Lauren Regan, the founder, executive director, and senior staff attorney of CLDC, is offering a special training for north Idaho climate defenders.  With 22 years of experience as an activist defense lawyer, representing ShellNo and Break Free Northwest blockaders, many Standing Rock water protectors, and all of the tar sands pipeline valve turners, Lauren also serves as the legal coordinator for the Protect the Protest coalition against SLAPPs (strategic lawsuits against public participation, usually filed by corporations to stymie activist opposition).  Please spread this event news, share the CLDC Know Your Rights Training Flyer, and join Lauren, Extinction Rebellion, and WIRT from 6 to 8:30 pm on Sunday, June 2, in the 1912 Center Fiske Room at 412 East Third Street in Moscow.

Wednesdays, June 5 & 19: WIRT Monthly Meetings, Moscow & Sandpoint

In the wake of Judge John Judge dismissing WIRT’s petition for judicial review of state permitting of BNSF’s bridges to climate chaos, only hours before the eighth WIRT celebration in Moscow on March 29, and the First District Court refunding our lawsuit bond on a May 16 BEarthday, we are preparing for a looming, likely FONSI and final EA for the fossil fuels (maybe even tar sands) pipeline-on-wheels railroad bridge expansion, not the EIS process widely requested by the regional community, encouraged by Big Green groups suddenly neutral on the issue, and suggested by a May 2018, Sandpoint city resolution.  After one of the most difficult, WIRT years on a north Idaho frontline, we remain determined and hopeful for stronger resistance in the streets and courts, against the railroad monsters that pollute the Lake Pend Oreille watershed with coal and diesel emissions, and risk lives, lands, and livelihoods with toxic and explosive derailments every day and night, while callously tossing around donations like candy off a parade float, to further cajole complicity from citizens, media, government, and community organizations.

While we arrange and calendar summer presentations, trainings, actions, and probable litigation, reaching out to trustworthy and competent activists and attorneys across our regional network, WIRT activists greatly appreciate the upcoming know-your-rights workshop in Moscow, provided by Lauren and other CLDC colleagues.  From among the good company of too few radicals always striving to slow and stop too many corporate conquests, WIRT invites you to attend two June potluck gatherings, talk about tactics, offer your unique advice and assistance, and pursue your climate activism passion with us.  As during previous seasons, we are meeting at 7 pm on the first and third Wednesdays of every month: On June 5 at The Attic, up the back stairs of 314 East Second Street in Moscow, and on June 19 at the Gardenia Center, 400 Church Street in Sandpoint.

Please consider contributing physically and/or fiscally to WIRT campaigns confronting the fossil fuel sources of climate change, at our mailing addresses or online at Donate to WIRT.  Thanks!

[1] Extinction Rebellion Moscow/Pullman Chapter Meeting

[2] Empowering People to Organize for the Climate and Community

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