Seventh WIRT Celebrations Thanks & Funds Request

Seventh WIRT Celebrations Thanks & Funds Request

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) sends our deep gratitude to the gracious musicians, core WIRT activists, allies, guests, non-profit organizations, and businesses who contributed their efforts, donations, and supplies for the Seventh Annual Celebrations of WIRT benefit concerts at the Moscow 1912 Center and the Sandpoint Little Panida Theater, on Friday and Saturday evenings, March 30 and 31 [1-3].  We especially thank:

* Acoustic guitarist and singer John Firshi, for playing his inspiring, original, and improvisational music for participants and venue employees and volunteers at the Moscow and Sandpoint anniversary events

* Talented, hard-rocking, Sandpoint musicians Jeremy Kleinsmith and Brandon Watterson of OWULL, for sharing their exuberant sounds on the Sandpoint, fossil fuels frontline

* The seven band members of Los Caipirinhos, for traveling from the Tri-Cities, Washington, but not performing their danceable, Latin ska, reggae, and rock, due to an almost absent, Moscow audience (-$200)

* Jenny and Robby of the 1912 Center in Moscow, for Great Room reservation, rental, arrangement, and clean-up on the night before the KRFP Real Radio Dinner on the WIRT anniversary, March 31 (-$246)

* Trish, Bill, and three Little Panida Theater  volunteers, for venue rental, projection of the background, WIRT slide show, beer, wine, popcorn, and camaraderie (-$255)

* Wine Company of Moscow manager Terry, for WIRT-purchased beer and a temporary liquor license (-$27), and the Rosauers and Safeway stores in Moscow, for potluck food, wine, and ice (-$49)

* WIRT activists and friends David, Denise, Pat, and other Moscow and Sandpoint celebration participants, for delicious, potluck food, supply transportation and preparation, insightful conversations, and admission donations (+$50)

* The Bonner County Daily Bee, Lewiston Tribune, Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Panida Theater, and Sandpoint Reader, for publicizing both events via newspaper and website notices drawn from online, Panida Theater posts and a WIRT media release [4]

While WIRT, dirty energy resisters greatly appreciate and enjoyed these Seventh WIRT Celebration opportunities for reinvigorating, musical and social gatherings, we eagerly anticipated but missed seeing fellow activists and supporters of our regional, climate activist collective.  Heartbroken but perseveringly frugal and resilient, the core WIRT volunteer entrusted with “all the hard work…to make things happen and keep the information flowing” personally and unusually lost $700-plus on these events, covering venue, supply, and musician travel costs, not to mention ongoing, WIRT operating expenses [5].

Over the last and next seven years, WIRT needs your physical involvement and fiscal assistance, to build the climate justice movement in Idaho and the Northwest.  If you could not attend these WIRT celebrations of grassroots resistance, please support relentless, WIRT activism through this link.  Along with everyone who coordinated WIRT’s annual festivities, we offer our sincere gratitude to Al, Ali, Barbara, Bob, Brian, Dana, Daniel, David, Denise, Diane, Ellen, Ginny, Herb, Jacob, Jane, Jean, Jeanne, Jo, Kathy, Katie, Laura, Melissa, Meryl, Nancy, Nathan, Rob, Sharon, Shelley, Sparrow, Stephanie, Sue, Val, Warren, Ziggy, WIRT outreach table visitors, and dozens of other comrades who have together, during the last year, provided the logistical, moral, and monetary support crucial to the dedicated, successful work of WIRT and allies banishing new and expanded, fossil fuel infrastructure from the Northwest.

In our eighth year, we are continuing to catalyze community vigilance and opposition to coal and oil trains and railroad pipeline-on-wheels expansion of bridges and tracks across Lake Pend Oreille and north Idaho, oil and gas extraction, production, and transportation, including Payette River-side, gas wells and earthquake-prone, waste injection wells, in southwest Idaho, and tar sands mining and refining megaloads in the northern Rockies.  For further information, visit the WIRT facebook and website pages, and contact us via phone or email.  Thanks for your solidarity and support!

[1] Seventh Annual Celebrations of Wild Idaho Rising Tide, March 25, 2018 Wild Idaho Rising Tide website

[2] Seventh Annual Celebrations of Wild Idaho Rising Tide, March 25, 2018 Wild Idaho Rising Tide facebook

[3] Seventh Annual Celebrations of Wild Idaho Rising Tide, April 4, 2018 Wild Idaho Rising Tide photos

[4] Thanks to the Bonner County Daily Bee, Lewiston Tribune, Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Panida Theater, and Sandpoint Reader…, April 2, 2018 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

[5] John Firshi quote

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