Seventh Annual Celebrations of Wild Idaho Rising Tide

Anniversary concerts benefit climate activist collective

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) is celebrating its March 31, seventh anniversary as a regional, climate activist collective confronting the root causes and perpetrators of climate change, through direct actions and locally organized solutions.  We invite and welcome everyone of all ages to share this milestone at two Seventh Annual Celebrations of Wild Idaho Rising Tide.  These benefit concerts offered by two bands and one musician feature potluck dinner and desert in Moscow, snacks in Sandpoint, and beer and wine for purchase and a background slide show of WIRT accomplishments, at both locations.  Come and enjoy our yearly festivities that raise awareness, involvement, and funds supporting relentless, volunteer, WIRT activism in solidarity with frontline communities of fossil fuel resistance and an international, grassroots network of activists.

WIRT activists, members, friends, and allies eagerly anticipate lively musical and social gatherings between 7 and 11 pm on Friday, March 30, in the 1912 Center Great Room at 412 East Third Street in Moscow, Idaho, and on Saturday, March 31, in the Little Panida Theater, 300 North First Avenue, across the street from the downtown, WIRT office in Sandpoint, Idaho [1-3].  Suggested admission donations of $5 or more at the doors to these otherwise free, public events assist the dedicated work of WIRT and allies to banish new and expanded, fossil fuel infrastructure from the Northwest.  Please join dirty energy resisters for a well-deserved, reinvigorating evening full of shared camaraderie, spirited conversations, exuberant dancing, good food and drink, and live music of multiple genres, played by these talented, visiting, and resident songwriters and performers from the Tri-Cities, Washington, and Sandpoint.

* John Firshi

Acoustic guitarist and singer John Firshi is opening both WIRT celebrations in Moscow and Sandpoint this year, with his unique style of eclectic, original music played around the region for ten years [4-6].  As part of many diverse projects, he has provided guitar accompaniment and production assistance for other Northwest recording artists.  Drawing on a wide range of musical influences from his experience as a supporting musician, John enjoys musical styles that have a certain familiarity, yet still create the opportunity for fresh, exciting improvisation of the “ever-evolving conversation” of music.

* Los Caipirinhos

From the Tri-Cities, Washington, Los Caipirinhos is headlining the Moscow celebration at 9 pm, playing dozens of mostly original and some favorite, cover tunes in Español and English [7, 8].  The seven-piece band has fused elements and rhythms of Spanish ska, reggae, and Latin rock, with their voices, guitars, drums, trumpets, trombones, and saxophones, across the inland Northwest since 2014.  Regional audiences who appreciate and miss the amazing performances of Landrace, the Pullman-based band of Washington State University students, will enjoy the enthusiastic, authentic, danceable music of Los Caipirinhos, with former Landrace members.


Starting at 9 pm on the seventh WIRT anniversary, OWULL is sharing their hard rock music, as WIRT catalyzes community uprisings on the Sandpoint, fossil fuels frontline.  The left-handed band, composed of Jeremy Kleinsmith on drums and vocals and Brandon Watterson on guitar and vocals, has been playing their intricate, hard-driving sounds throughout the region [9].

WIRT extends our hearty thanks to the remarkable musicians, core WIRT activists, and businesses, who have supplied and co-coordinated the various entertainment, preparation, and publicity aspects of this upcoming opportunity for you to physically and fiscally contribute toward the climate justice movement in Idaho and the Northwest.  Through this convergence, WIRT challengers of the government, corporate, and industrial sources of climate chaos hope to further attract and involve cross-cultural and youth diversity in activism.  With event donations, we also plan to cover large, venue costs and provide meager, travel funds and on-site food and beverages for musicians sharing their admired talents.

For further information and responses to your questions, to participate as an event volunteer or sponsor, and/or to contribute toward WIRT’s seventh anniversary celebration expenses, please visit the WIRT website and facebook pages, contact us via phone, email, or facebook message, and print and post the attached, color Seventh Annual Celebrations of WIRT Flyer.  If you cannot attend but would like to donate toward WIRT work to halt coal and oil trains in the Idaho panhandle, tar sands mining and refining megaloads in the northern Rockies, and oil and gas extraction, production, and transportation in the Treasure Valley, please pitch in through this link:  In our eighth year, we will intensely oppose threats to healthy air, water, land, and life, from Payette River-side, gas wells and earthquake-prone, waste injection wells in southwest Idaho, and proposed, railroad track and bridge expansion of the coal and oil pipeline-on-wheels across Lake Pend Oreille and north Idaho.

Thanks for your ongoing support!  We hope to see you and your friends and families at these celebrations!

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