Earth First! Road Show & Direct Action Camp!

RADAR and Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) are grateful to co-host the 2017 Earth First! Road Show and Direct Action Camp on Thursday and Friday, June 22 and 23 in Sandpoint, Idaho [1]!  Activists are converging for a camp over several nights, training sessions from 9 am to 5 pm on Friday, and a gathering starting at 6 pm on Friday, at several locations disclosed by RSVPing to WIRT.  To connect with, learn about, and support the various ecological and social resistance struggles for a better world, a group of Earth First!ers has been offering skills sharing workshops for rabble rousers, water protectors, land defenders, anti-fascists, and other instigators of a wild revolution, since late April 2017 [2].  On a two-month, cross-continent tour beginning in south Florida and ending at the annual, July 2 to 9  Round River Rendezvous, this year in northern California, the road show collective has been nurturing the inspiring seeds of dissidence throughout the country, along a route that coincides with action camps and conferences.

“Coming to a town near you,” the Earth First! Road Show is giving priority to friends, comrades, and agitators in rural areas, while bringing its direct action training to 40-plus cities and communities of resistance [3].  Prior to their north Idaho visit, our guests will stop in Spokane, Washington, on June 20, and in Missoula, Montana, on June 21, before trekking back to the West Coast of Seattle and Olympia, Washington, on June 25 and 26.  Their goal of encouraging and assisting local resistance through these events will help the Idaho Panhandle build momentum to oppose important but delicate area infrastructure (like the proposed, second, Lake Pend Oreille rail bridge), which facilitates fracked Bakken shale and Alberta tar sands oil and gas extraction and transportation.  These trainers would like to understand traditional indigenous territories and regional demographics, movements, and resources, and explore our amazing, beloved “neck of the woods.”

A day of workshops adapted to participants’ interests will provide a one-hour talk about Earth First! history, stories, and philosophies, and a short presentation promoting biocentrism within a cross-struggle framework, all addressing the current U.S. political climate.  Over 25 hours of skill share offerings, from which people attending can choose, could possibly include two levels of direct action training and topics such as security culture and community, digital security, knowing your rights, scouting, ground games, strategizing, safety and self-defense, countering urban and rural police tactics, de-arresting, resisting grand juries, short- and long-term jail solidarity, and live action role playing.  We welcome your request for the descriptive list of potential training sessions, in advance of these workshops.

Please consider donating, if you can, directly to the Earth First! Road Show collective for gas money, through the following links, with a note specifying the road show, and to WIRT for venue and meal expenses.  For tour updates, questions, and comments, visit the website, and email the road show crew at  See and contact WIRT by phone, text, and email message, for further event information, materials, suggestions, and RSVPs.  The road show collective has asked for training camp promotion in person and via email, listservs, and flyers, keeping necessary event logistics, guest lists, and outreach private through facebook.  Please print and post the attached, letter-sized, color, PDF version of the Earth First! Road Show & Direct Action Camp Flyer 2, and join us on June 22 and 23 in Sandpoint!  Thanks!

[1] Area Groups Co-Hosting Earth First! Road Show, June 16, 2017 Bonner County Daily Bee

[2] Announcing: The 2017 Earth First! Roadshow! March 1, 2017 Earth First! Newswire

[3] 2017 Earth First! Roadshow Update and Tour Schedule, April 21, 2017 Earth First! Newswire

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