WIRT Newsletter: WIRT Meetings & Radio Show Time Change

As listed on the Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) Events Calendar, we have changed our first and third Thursday monthly meeting times, respectively in Moscow and Sandpoint, to Wednesdays, with the Sandpoint gathering place switched to Eichardt’s Pub [1]. During January through August 2016, we are converging for the WIRT First Wednesday Moscow Monthly Meeting at 7 pm on Wednesday evening (February 3) at The Attic, up the back stairs of 314 East Second Street in Moscow.  The WIRT Third Wednesday Sandpoint Monthly Meeting also happens on Wednesday at 7 pm (this January 20) in the Eichardt’s Pub upstairs game room, 212 Cedar Street in Sandpoint.  WIRT and allied activists eagerly anticipate and heartily appreciate scheming and coordinating with you to organize public events, educational workshops, direct actions, and anti-fossil fuel campaigns!

We need your input at the table and on the ground! Please bring your friends, family, ideas, and energies to emerging plans for upcoming, frontline demonstrations of dirty energy resistance.  The meetings will talk about:

* January 14 Spokane Valley public hearing testimony and comments due on January 22, about the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal proposed for the Port of Vancouver, Washington [2-5]

* Screenings of This Changes Everything co-hosted with climate and conservation groups in Sandpoint in February and in Moscow in March [6, 7]

* Direct action training camps, presentations, discussions, and peaceful protests by northern and southwest Idaho area residents in spring and summer 2016, against coal, oil, gas, and tar sands extraction and transportation

Please also note that WIRT’s weekly Climate Justice Forum radio program, broadcast online and at 90.3 FM from KRFP Radio Free Moscow, has moved from Monday evenings to every Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 to 3 pm, starting this week on January 20.  Catch the show that covers continent-wide climate activism and community resistance to fossil fuel projects, through live and recorded interviews, videos, and breaking news.  Thanks to generous listeners, program host Helen Yost, of regional climate activist group WIRT, chronicles the historic climate justice movement on progressive, volunteer, community radio.

[1] Events Calendar, Wild Idaho Rising Tide

[2] Please Join WIRT in Carpooling…, December 14, 2015 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

[3] Inland NW Oil Train Terminal Rally and Hearing, January 8, 2016 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

[4] Thanks for Traveling to, Attending, and Testifying…, January 14, 2016 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

[5] Media Coverage of the Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal DEIS Hearing in Spokane Valley on January 14, 2016…, January 19, 2016 Wild Idaho Rising Tide

[6] This Changes Everything – The Film, This Changes Everything

[7] This Changes Everything International Trailer, August 27, 2015 This Changes Everything

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