WIRT Newsletter: June 5 to July 22 Events

WIRT activists, supporters, and friends,

Paul McPoland’s PeaceLove Gig

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) extends our greatest gratitude to all of Paul McPoland’s dozens of dear co-workers, friends, family, and fellow activists who participated in his memorial at the WIRT Activists House and Dave Willard’s home on Saturday, May 31, between 2 pm and the wee hours of June.  We appreciate sharing Paul’s megaload protest reports, memorial cards, tea and treats, stories and remembrances of Paul, tears, understanding, comfort, new ideas, love, hugs, laughter, Paul’s favorite music, T-shirts, polished rocks, books, and tequila, ribs from his freezer, and two great gatherings.  (We hope that you enjoyed every moment, Paul!)

WIRT is still searching for ways to commemorate our stalwart and sincere “right-hand man” who called WIRT activists to action, monitored megaloads, reported on the resistance movement, offered myriad volunteer services, and lived at and watched over the WIRT House as his base and refuge, during some of the finest years of his life of inspiring contributions to his community.  Please offer your suggestions for ongoing WIRT initiatives that we could instigate in Paul’s honor.  WIRT tried to extend the date of Paul’s memorial event on facebook, as a regional venue for continuing to share memories and ideas, but facebook will not allow such changes afterwards.


Residents, reject City of Moscow Street Department toxic trespass!  Put your street, curb edge, and/or alley in front and/or adjacent to your home on the “No Spray List” for the current season, and manually pull weeds and nurture desirable plant growth in your yards.

Public Notice to Moscow Residents

Beginning on Monday, May 12, 2013, Shull Brothers Weed Control will be spraying weeds, according to the City of Moscow Street Department weed spraying contract.  This spraying will continue throughout the spring and summer seasons as needed.  Spraying is a major method of controlling noxious weeds.  Herbicide is sprayed on selected streets, street cracks, and alleys, along curb edges, in cracks where sidewalks abut curbs, and around dead-end street barricades, bridges, guardrails, and fire hydrants on City rights-of-way.  Chemicals to be used include: Krovar I, Banvel, Transline, Telar, Surflan, RII, R900XC, Nalcotrol, Sahara, Dimension, Vengeance, Plainview, Oust, Hyvar, Round-up, Rodeo, 2,4-D, Arsenal, Milestone, Escort, Gallery, and Edict.  Applications will include a wetting agent and drift retardant.  Any resident who wishes not to have their street or curb edge sprayed in front of their residence and/or adjacent alley, and is willing to control weeds themselves, can call or e-mail Tammy Gray with the City of Moscow Street Department, to be put on a “No Spray List” for the current season: 208-883-7097, tgray@ci.moscow.id.us.


June 5: Twice-Monthly WIRT Potluck Meeting (Thursday 7 pm, WIRT Activists House, Moscow, Idaho, call 208-301-8039 for directions)  We will plan WIRT direct actions for the Idaho Republican State Convention in Moscow on June 12 to 14 and for Highway 95/200 megaload blockades.  The Moscow area residents behind the recent screenings of Years of Living Dangerously are also hosting a climate change-oriented rally and street dance called Welcome, Republicans!  (See the Welcome Republicans Flyer.)

June 6: Sixth Annual Intolerista Wingding (Friday 6 to 10 pm, 1912 Center, 412 East Third Street, Moscow, Idaho)  Roy Zimmerman and core WIRT activist Jeanne McHale will play political and cultural satirical music, including the WIRT song The Tide Is Rising, while hosts offer beer, wine, soda, and snacks for sale at this free event open to the public.  Contact Tom Hansen at 208-882-5526 for more information.

June 9-12: Sacred Water Gathering (Monday 12:30 pm to Thursday 5 pm, Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta)  First Nations and allies’ ceremonies and protests of the June 10 to 12 Global Petroleum Show

June 12-14: Idaho Republican State Convention (Thursday 2 pm to Saturday 4 pm, University Inn Best Western and Kibby Dome, Moscow, Idaho)

June 14-22: Wild Roots Feral Futures (Saturday to Sunday, times and places to be arranged (TBA), Southwest Colorado forests) (facebook link)

June 23: Moscow Crude Awakening Oil Train Tour Show with Dana Lyons and Matt Krogh (Monday 7 pm, Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse, 420 East Second Street, Moscow, Idaho)  Expect an event announcement soon.

June 24-July 1: Third Tar Sands Solidarity Journey (Tuesday to Tuesday, times and places TBA between Boise, Moscow, and Sandpoint, Idaho, and Fort McMurray, Alberta)  Carpools and caravans to the fifth and final, annual Tar Sands Healing Walk (facebook link)

June 24: Crude Awakening Oil Train Tour with Dana Lyons and Matt Krogh (Tuesday, Sandpoint, Idaho)

June 25: Spokane Crude Awakening Oil Train Tour with Dana Lyons and Matt Krogh (Wednesday 7 pm, Saranac Rooftop, 21 West Main Avenue, Spokane, Washington)

June 27-29: Tar Sands Healing Walk (Friday to Sunday, times and places TBA, Anzac and Fort McMurray, Alberta) (facebook link)

June 27-29: In Solidarity with the Tar Sands Healing Walk in Fort McMurray, Alberta (Friday to Sunday, times and places TBA, PR Springs, Utah)  Utah Tar Sands Resistance gathering (facebook link)

June/July: Gasland I and II Roadshow (Times and places TBA, statewide Idaho locations)  Wild Idaho Rising Tide and allied tour

June/July: Northwest Regional Rising Tides Coordinated Actions (Times and places TBA, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington)

July 1-7: Earth First! Round River Rendezvous (Tuesday to Monday, times and places TBA, Southern Cascadia: Western Oregon-California border region)

July 12: Nez Perce Grassroots Environmental Summit (Saturday, times and places TBA, Nez Perce Reservation, Idaho)

July 13-22: Caravan to Unis’tot’en Camp (Sunday to Tuesday, times and places TBA, British Columbia)

July 15-22: Summer for Climate Justice Action Camp (Tuesday to Tuesday, times and places TBA, Eastern Tavaputs Plateau, Utah) (facebook link)

Wild Idaho Rising Tide

P.O. Box 9817, Moscow, Idaho 83843





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