900,000-Pound Tar Sands Megaload Umatilla Departure Delayed by Full Day by Locked-Down Climate Activists

On Sunday night, December 1 and 2, Portland climate activist and KBOO community radio reporter Michael Gaskill captured recordings of the 50-person protest of a massive transport attempting to leave the Port of Umatilla, Oregon, to cross eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Montana to Alberta tar sands mining operations.  Between 2:30 and 15:17 of the Monday, December 2, 2013 KRFP Evening Report, Radio Free Moscow broadcasts the sounds of demonstrators walking into the port yard of the parked megaload as well as interviews with activists Leonard Higgins and Scott Schroder while locked-down to the truck pulling the shipment.  Delays caused by the protest and lock-downs postponed shipment movement for the night.

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