WIRT Newsletter: Keystone XL Comments Due Today, Pipeline Resistance Escalates

Dear comrades,

Comment to the U.S. State Department on the latest Keystone XL pipeline proposal before midnight on Monday, April 22, if you still have any faith in the regulatory system, but copy your manifesto to Bold Nebraska, 350.org, or other non-governmental organizations, because our federal government (purposely?) loses citizen input (keystonecomments@state.gov).  Although Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) is a direct action collective, whose multiple members should be staging actions, here is yet another backlogged newsletter from too few of us who would prefer to create news with you rather than tell you about it.  Because talking is faster and more effective than writing, WIRT has covered most of this material, current as of April 14, on our Climate Justice Forum radio program, aired Mondays between 7:30 and 9:30 pm PDT on KRFP Radio Free Moscow.  Expect another several late newsletters with 2013 first-quarter news over the next few weeks.

WIRT hopes that the activism of our peers described through this effort will inspire you toward passionate activity rather than news-mongering passivity, in reaction to the hegemony of mercenary dirty energy corporations.  Because we are gratefully far from the big city headquarters, fancy hotels, and slick conferences of the Earth desecrators targeted by recent Tar Sands Blockade and 350.org mass actions, we decided not to rile our local banks and gas stations and divert our emphasis on direct confrontations to join our allies’ bandwagons in February and March.


Keystone XL Pipeline Evaluation Process Fact Sheet 2012 (U.S. Department of State)

Submit your official 45-day comments on the Keystone XL pipeline: “…members of the public, public agencies, and other interested parties are encouraged to submit comments, questions, and concerns about the project via e-mail to keystonecomments@state.gov or by mail to:

U.S. Department of State

Attn: Genevieve Walker, NEPA Coordinator

2201 C Street NW, Room 2726

Washington, D.C. 20520”

Keystone XL Draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement (U.S. Department of State)

All pipelines leak!  Comment on the draft supplementary environmental impact statement for the Keystone XL pipeline by Earth Day, April 22.

A Million Comments Against Keystone XL (350.org)

Heineman Says OK to Pipeline (January 22 Journal Star)

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman: “I hereby, in accordance with Neb. Rev. Stat. §57-l503(4), approve the route reviewed in the Final Evaluation Report conducted pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §57-15()3(l).  I request that Nebraska’s evaluation be included in the Department of State’s Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.”

State Department Report: Keystone XL is Environmentally Sound (March 1 ThinkProgress)

Part IV: America Becomes Sacrifice Zone for Export Pipeline (March 21 EcoWatch)

Keystone XL Scandal: Obama State Department Hid Contractor’s TransCanada Ties (March 21 DeSmogBlog)

That our federal government feels compelled to hide information from its citizens only further demonstrates the effectiveness of investigative journalism and latent democratic power.

State Department Hid Contractor’s Ties to Keystone XL Pipeline Company (March 21 Mother Jones)

Groups Ask State Department for 120-Day Comment Period on Keystone Pipeline (April 4 Inside Climate News)


Tell President Obama to Move Forward on Climate and Clean Water by Stopping Dirty Energy (February 8 EcoWatch)

Climate Patriotism: Sierra Club Endorses Civil Disobedience for First Time in Its History (January 23 ThinkProgress)

[Invitation-Only] Participants (Tar Sands Action)

Sierra Club Civil Disobedience at the White House on February 13 (Dave Warren photos)

Thanks to Dave for being our eyes and ears in DC!  As the Sierra Club makes its first authorized, invitation-only foray into civil disobedience on President Lincoln’s birthday, we wonder why President Obama has not yet freed Americans from the slavery of oil reliance.

48 Leaders Arrested in Historic Act of Civil Disobedience to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline (February 13 EcoWatch)

Forward on Climate Rally (February 17 C-Span video)

We are grateful to hear the powerful, inspiring words of people with whom WIRT has prayed, walked, talked, and shared the airwaves, on stage at this huge event held on the National Mall in Washington DC.  Organizers urged President Obama to begin his second term with energy policies that include limiting carbon emissions, utilizing renewable resources, and rejecting the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Forward on Climate Rallies in Western North America

Largest Climate Rally in History – Take A Stand!

Olvera Street in Los Angeles, California

Local Forward on Climate Rally

One Market Plaza in San Francisco, California

March for Social, Earth + Real Justice!

EMU Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon

Profiting from Tar Sands in the Green City

Shemanski Park in Portland, Oregon

Forward on Climate Solidarity Rally and Walk – Spokane

Rotary Fountain at Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington

‘Walking Train Against Coal Trains’ March

Sierra Club Cascade Chapter in Seattle, Washington

Sit-in Against Climate Change at Boulevard Park

Boulevard Park in Bellingham, Washington

Überdrop in the 40th Chinese New Year Parade – We are Water!

Millennium Gate in Chinatown, at Pender and Taylor Streets in Vancouver, British Columbia

Idle No More – National Day of Action – No XL Pipeline

Churchill Square in Edmonton, Alberta


Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance: Introduction (March 16 Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance video)

Oklahoma Woman Locks Her Neck to Keystone XL Construction Equipment (February 4 Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

Elizabeth Leja graciously provided the initial lock-down to Keystone XL pipeline laying equipment in Oklahoma in February, with her brave one-woman blockade!

Support Elizabeth at Her Court Date (April 15 event)

Lifelong Oklahoman Youth Pastor Suspended from KXL Construction Equipment, Locked to Machinery (February 11 Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

Police detained and arrested seven people in Oklahoma, where youth pastor and lifelong state resident Stefan Warner scaled and locked to a side-boom to blockade construction of the toxic Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and an active fracking site on Muscogee-Creek treaty land.  Disregarding Stefan’s safety and OSHA regulations, workers lowered the heavy machinery arm with Stefan lying painfully face-down, while police arrested his support group and obscured him from view and photographs.

Action Camp in Oklahoma! March 18-22 (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

Action Camp Schedule (March 14 Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance raised enough funds to help indigenous delegations come from Pine Ridge and Black Mesa to the action camp and for food, supplies, legal input, and other camp expenses.

Oklahoma Grandmother Arrested in Pipeline Protest (April 9 Oklahoman)

Highway 12 tar sands megaloads have been calling you all winter, WIRT activists and allies.  If 79-year-old Nancy Zorn can blockade, so can you!  Her courage proves that you are never too old to stand up for what you believe.

Oklahoma Grandmother Locks Herself to Keystone XL Heavy Machinery – Halts Construction (April 9 Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)

Nancy Zorn: “I can no longer sit by idly while toxic tar sands are pumped down from Canada and into our communities.  It is time to rise up and defend our home.  It is my hope that this one small action today will inspire many to protect this land and our water.”  Idahoans and Montanans plan to assist other fearless activists who are putting it all on the line to stop Keystone XL in Montana and tar sands mining in Utah this summer.

Actions (Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance)


An Open Letter from Our Supporters (October 5, 2012, Tar Sands Blockade)

“In the year since [the August/September 2011 Tar Sands Action], we have witnessed people from the Lakota nation in South Dakota and from Moscow, Idaho, putting their bodies in roads and highways, blocking large transport trucks carrying oil refining equipment to develop further tar sands extraction.”

Tar Sands Blockaders Tell Their Own Story in a New Documentary (February 22 Grist)

The incredibly inspiring documentary Blockadia Rising relates the intense story of Tar Sands Blockade activists fighting the ongoing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in east Texas.

Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade (Garrett Graham video)

January 31 Pipetech Americas Conference Disruption in the Woodlands, Texas (January 31 Tar Sands Blockade)

Ramsey Sprague heroically chained himself to audio equipment at an oil and gas pipeline conference and held forth with an unsquelched oratory on TransCanada’s history of corner-cutting and toxic spills.

Protestor Locks Himself to Conference Equipment, Disrupts TransCanada Presentation at Oil Industry Gathering (February 27 Tar Sands Blockade)

Kansan Ethan Nuss with Tar Sands Blockade locked down at an oil industry gathering in Houston on his 29th birthday.  By chaining his neck to conference equipment, he successfully disrupted an oily TransCanada executive’s presentation on tar sands expansion and challenged his audience’s wanton disregard for the climate and communities’ health and safety.


State Department Hearing (and Other Events) (April 18 Bold Nebraska event)

Tar sands resistance heated up last week in Nebraska, inequitably the only state to host a public hearing on the latest, wrongfully construed, purported environmental review of the northern Keystone XL pipeline.  Busloads of anti-tar sands testifiers journeyed from Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Wichita to the Grand Island hearing.  As public processes progress for the ‘Northwest Keystone XL’ – coal exports, we hope for more than the previous few Montana buses and Idaho carpools to Oregon and Washington hearings.

Keystone XL Pipeline – Public Meeting – April 18, 2013 – Grand Island, Nebraska (April 4 Indigenous Environmental Network)

Over 100 Hold a “Funeral for Our Future” at TransCanada Office Outside Boston (March 11 Tar Sands Blockade)

Stop Tar Sands Profiteers Week of Action a Huge Success with 55 Actions Across the Continent! (March 25 Tar Sands Blockade)

What the Hell Were You Thinking? (Catherine Wallace video)

Testimony of a 16-year-old climate change activist against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline in British Columbia

Protect the Sacred (No Line 9 Reversal)

Actions Springing Up for a Tar Sands Free Northeast (January 24 Tar Sands Blockade)

Huge Crowd Turns Out to Denounce Possible Transport of Tar Sands in Region (January 27 Portland Press Herald)

The Tar Sands [Line Nine is] Coming to Toronto (February 20 Indigenous Environmental Network)

Congratulations to all WIRT activists and allies for their ongoing exemplary tar sands and climate change resistance work!

Wild Idaho Rising Tide

P.O. Box 9817, Moscow, Idaho 83843

WildIdahoRisingTide.org & on facebook


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