Megaloads Making Progress on Journey

A megaload that started from the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley on Wednesday and had been parked nine miles east of Lowell was expected to scale Lolo Pass late Friday night or early this morning.

A second super-sized rig could have also made progress toward Montana early this morning on U.S. Highway 12 in Idaho.  Its departure from six miles east of Lowell, where it arrived late Thursday night or early Friday morning, was dependent on how well the trip went for the rig ahead of it.  The second load left Lewiston on Thursday night.

Both loads take up two lanes of traffic and can create delays as long as 15 minutes.  They are accompanied by crews that help get vehicles around them and can only travel between 10 pm and 5:30 am, according to the Idaho Transportation Department.

Each of the trucks is hauling an evaporator vessel for ConocoPhillips that is on its way to northern Alberta, Canada, from Newberg, Oregon.

(By The Lewiston Tribune)

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